9 Best Ice-Cream Parlors in San Francisco

All hail the sweet, delicious, dairy-inspired creation: ice-cream. There are plenty of cities rocking the saccharine dream, but it’s hard to know where the best ice-cream parlors really exist, especially in a city that is such foodie-destination like San Francisco.  Whether you’re a local ice cream aficionado or an enthusiast willing to make the trip to San Francisco to pick up some quality ice cream, we’ve got a list of the nine best ice cream parlors in the City by the Bay!

Bi-Rite Creamery

With lines that often snake out of the front door and down 18th Street, Bi-Rite is the best hand-made seasonal creamery in the city. Locals love the place so much that you’re gonna have trouble getting a scoop in a timely fashion. If you’re in a hurry, consider the soft-serve and baked goods windows just past the scoop shop, where you’ll likely endure lighter lines. While you’re there, be sure to try some of their adventurous flavors, like balsamic strawberry, basil or honey lavender!

Honey Creme

A Korean import of sorts, Honey Creme is a soft serve spot famous for their creamy product served with fantastic toppings: honeycomb, cotton candy, and dark chocolate sauce to name a few!

Chocolate Ice-Cream | Markus Spiske

Humphry Slocombe

Take a walk on the wild side with Humphry Slocombe’s bizarre but delightful flavor combos. Some of their best sellers include bacon, ancho chilies, carrot mango sorbet, foie gras, hibiscus flowers, and jalapenos. Be careful what you order, but do try to branch out and give something delightfully weird a shot!

Little Giant Ice Cream

With two locations in San Francisco—one of which they proudly boast is the “smallest scoop shop in America”—Little Giant Ice Cream is a bit of an underdog, but they put themselves on the map with their famous cocktail-themed scoops! They’ve got the Fernet Branca & Coke, the Drunken Fig with white rum, the Ugly Sweater with Jameson whiskey, and much more!

Mitchell’s Ice Cream

Mitchell’s has been serving Bernal Heights since ’53, and it’s clear why: they’re one of a kind with their uniquely authentic Mexican, Peruvian and Filipino flavors. They’ve got horchata, Mexican chocolate, yucuma, and at least two types of coconut flavor!

Coconut Icecream | Alexandra Gorn

Polly Ann Ice Cream

For the indecisive snackers out there, Polly Ann may be your savior! If you can’t decide what kind of cream you’re in the mood for, you can spin their wheel to have one flavor selected from over 500 for you!

Swensen’s Ice Cream

Nestled up into Russian Hill, Swensen’s is a classic ice cream parlor that hearkens back to an America that was obsessed with mustaches, monogamy and gigantic fox-body cars. Take yourself back to a simpler time with old school classics like strawberries, banana & cream and the hot fudge bonanza.

Strawberries + cream | Jennifer Pallian


With a host of awesome flavor choices like banana cookies and cream, s’mores, Greek coffee, chocolate caramel mousse, Maui wowie, white chocolate peanut butter, salted butterscotch and many, many, many more, it’s no surprise that Shakedown is an insanely popular ice cream eatery in the Tenderloin. If you’re really digging one of their flavors, you can even have it made into a milkshake or hot fudge sundae!

The Baked Bear

Here’s another weird one! Combined one of eleven cookies with one of twelve flavors of ice cream and eleven types of topping to make one big, messy, delicious cone!

San Francisco | Jakob Owens

Next time you’re in San Francisco looking for an amazing place to satisfy your voracious sweet tooth, be sure to hit up one of these awesome parlors. And when you’re planning your next trip to ‘Frisco – why pay full price? With deals from hotels.com, skyscanner.com, cheapoair.com, you can be sure to save a pretty penny while you make your way to the fog-riddled city. Or if you’ve exhausted your searches on those sites already, peep our Travel & Flights section, where we keep the best and freshest flight and travel deals up-to-date.

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Author: Billie Hauk

24-year-old Tennessee local yokel, part-time LGBTQ+ journalist and blogger.

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