5 Things You Didn’t Know About Game of Thrones

If you’re not on the Game of Thrones hype train yet, you’re missing out! Arrive fashionably late to the party with these five secret facts that you never knew about Game of Thrones. It probably goes without saying, but MAJOR spoilers ahead!

1. Nobody knows how to make Valyrian steel swords

That’s right, baby! The imposing Ice—wielded by Eddard Stark in season one—or Longclaw—given to Jon Snow by Lord Commander Jeor Mormont in that same season—are made of highly coveted Valyrian steel. You probably knew that. What you might not know is that no living soul in Westeros knows how to make Valyrian steel! There are only about two hundred in the whole world, and they’re mostly owned by Westerosi noble families. They won’t be giving them up any time soon!

2. After Arthur Dayne’s death, his prized long sword was returned to his ancestral home—where nobody has laid claim to it for decades

When Eddard Stark and Howland Reed defeated Ser Arthur Dayne in combat at the Tower of Joy. His prized long sword, Dawn, was returned to Starfall, the seat of House Dayne. Dawn, a mystical blade made of meteorite, can only be claimed by a worthy heir to the Dayne household. Who will then be known as the Sword of the Morning.

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3. “Greyscale” is based on a real-world disease

It’s true! And very likely one that you’ve heard of: leprosy! Both diseases leave terrifying skin lesions in their wake, though greyscale is far deadlier.

4. The Iron Throne is horrifically larger in the book

That’s right! The imposing throne, made of the melted swords of Aegon I Targaryen’s surrendered enemies, isn’t even a tenth the size of its book counterpart. Petyr Baelish does nod to this fact in the television show when he declares that he’s “counted although there aren’t even two hundred.”

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5. George Martin didn’t realize just how big he made the Wall

When he wrote A Song of Ice and Fire, George Martin imagined the Wall as 700′ tall and 300 miles wide… but apparently Martin didn’t realize quite how big that was when he envisioned it in his mind’s eye! When the show runners took him to the 400′ cliff that they planned to turn into the Wall via CGI, he declared, “I may have made the Wall too big!”

We hope you learned something new about your favorite television show while you hunker down to wait for 2018’s eighth and final season! Plus if you want you’re a total GOT head like the rest of us, you can display your fandom with HBOs GOT accessories.

Author: Billie Hauk

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