All new iPhone 8: All eyes on September 12th

The new iPhone 8 is due to be reveled, and with about a week left the speculations and the excitement are already all time high. Internet and social media is flooding out with rumors and leaks but nobody actually knows what it is going to be like.


New iPhone launches always come with extreme excitement and great expectations from thousands of iPhone enthusiasts all around the world. There are surmised to be many changes from the old iPhone 7, with rumors spreading that they are going to give the iPhone 8 a complete face-lift. We want to know what are the most interesting things to look forward with this iPhone 8 launch?


iPhone 8 preview
King, Jaz (2017), Hold your breath – the iphone 8 is close.


The Highlights

  • Steve jobs Auditorium in the all new Apple campus at Cupertino, California will be hosting the great launch event this year.


  • It will be the 10th anniversary edition of the revolutionary Apple iPhone series. Could this large event mean that they go all out with this new revamp?


  • iPhone 8 is expected to arrive the shops  late September or early October 2017 with a price tag of around $1000.


  • A refreshed new look for the iPhone 8 is expected after several monotonous designs from the last 3 years. Also an all glass design is supposed to be introduced with the launch of this smart phone. This will enable the speculated feature of wireless charging.


iPhone 8 - This must be it
Geskin, Benjamin (2017)


  • Facial recognition for unlocking, OLED display are some of the new features which are likely to come with the new iPhone 8. Also Apple CEO Tim Cook’s vision of the Augmented Reality might be made reality with this exciting launch!


iPhone screen display
Display Revolution – Tadyanehondo, Nigel (2017)


  • Something is different about the release this year. iPhone 8 is not the only launch which is anticipated but along with it two more iPhone models the iPhone 7s and 7s plus are expected to come out, which makes three in total. 


  • Apple fans will also be getting an upgrade for the Apple TV. The 4th generation Apple TV will support 4K and HDR image output. In addition, the all new Apple watch will be joining the launch package too!


So we are all set to witness the long awaited revolution of the iPhone. With heat rising among tech experts and passionate fans there will be a huge responsibility on Apple Inc. to meet the expectations of its loyal customers. Whilst also trying to regain their market share from their rival Samsung.

This will be a grand launch to watch out for, we hope you impress us Apple!

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