Podcasts: Our favorite 13 shows for this Fall

Podcasts – If you haven’t yet discovered the world of podcasts then you really should take a listen! Its a revolution in the entertainment field, and they’re absolutely free..

They come in all categories; comedy, science & technology, storytelling or crime stories, you need never listen to your own thoughts again! Our selection ranges from large studio production to one man teams that just have an interesting story to tell.

Here is a list of our favorite podcasts to listen to this Fall!



My Dad Wrote A Porno Logo
My Dad Wrote a Porno

Imagine your father wrote an ‘adult novel’. Most people would try to ignore it and pretend it never happened. Not Jamie Morton. He decided to read it to his friends (Radio 1’s Alice Levine & James Cooper) and broadcast it to the world in this hilarious & cringe worthy podcast.



Revisionist History Logo
Revisionist History

Malcolm Gladwell brings you stories from the past that have been misrepresented or misunderstood. He covers topics ranging from the Vietnam war to the American educational system. This eye opening podcast will keep you intrigued and enthralled, with stories that sound familiar at first and then take on a new light.



The infinite monkey cage logo
The Infinite Monkey Cage

Brian Cox & Robin Ince bring you a comedy/science show that discusses the whole world of science. Special guests come in on every show to share their expert knowledge or comedic genius. There are hundreds of episodes and you can listen to every topic from ‘Are strawberries really alive?’ to Einstein’s theory of general relativity. Learn whilst you laugh.



This american life logo
This American Life

In this show the host Ira Glass discusses big ideas through the medium of accessible stories. These real life stories are often hilarious, sometimes sad, sometimes even heartbreaking.



serial logo

Who hasn’t dreamed of being a detective? Serial brings you the story of a 1999 suburban Baltimore murder. It re-investigates the case and interviews the people who were involved first hand. As you try to figure out if the committed is truly guilty, your mind will keep being changed as the twists and turns keep on coming till the very end.



S-town logo


This murder mystery is by the same team as Serial. It starts off as a crime story but takes some strange turns as the story continues. You will laugh, you will be confused, you will smile and you will cry. This podcast takes you on a strange and emotional journey through the heart of Southern America that you won’t want to stop.



WTF Marc Moran logo
WTF with Marc Maron

Marc Maron brings his comedic background to the stage of celebrity interviews… and the stage is his LA garage. He casually interviews big names such as: Randy Newman, Ron Perlman & even Barrack Obama!


the moth logo
The Moth

Normal yet extraordinary people take to a stage in New York and tell us true stories. They will make you laugh; they will make you cry. Stories from the real world that inspire.



Stuff you should know logo
Stuff You Should Know

The title says it all really… This show gives you the answers to the things that you should know but haven’t realized that you don’t. This informs you about a whole range of topics. From why the US hasn’t moved to the metric system, to the most important question of all – what actually is ketchup?



no such thing as a fish logo
No Such Thing as a Fish

This podcast is perfect if you want to entertain your friends with random fact. No such thing as a fish is like listening to a bunch of well-informed friends talk about random and interesting facts… Such as, how there is technically no such thing as a fish.



criminal logo

This podcast brings tales from the law 7 enforcement world, some of them are bizarrew and some of them are funny… but all of them are interesting. From the poisoning of a 500-year- old tree, to how a 19th century nurse killed many of her patients without being detected.



Beautiful anonymous logo
Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People

Chris Gethard accepts a call from a stranger and has a chat, they talk for an hour and then their time is up. The anonymous stranger can talk about anything they like but it often gets deep, the caller often tells stories from their private life or is seeking advice for an issue they are going through.



mystery-show logo

The Mystery Show

Brought to you by Gimlet Media (well worth a look for further podcasts) brings you this mystery show. Starlee Kine is a new detective and she has some mysteries to solve! A young boy finds an elaborate belt buckle at the side of the road, a celebrity seems to shrink and grow & video shop disappears, she attempts to solve these mysteries and more in a hilarious and quirky way.



You can get all of these high quality podcasts for absolutely free! you won’t be running out of things to listen to this Summer. The age of music is over, the age of podcasts has only just begun.

All of these podcasts are also available on iTunes, you could listen on your brand new iPhone 8.


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