Top 10 Unbeatable Fashion Trends This September

Without meticulously combing through every single fashion catalogue, blog and video on the internet, keeping up with the ever-changing world of fashion can be a chore. September’s hottest trends are already set in stone, and you want to be on the cutting edge of fashion this month—right? No problem! We’ve scraped the web and every publication we could find to put together the top 10 unbeatable fashion trends of this September!

1. Power red

Red is in again this September! Don your red dresses, red ties and red coats to make a vivacious impression at the next big social event. Pair that red dress with a set of red stilettos next time you go to dinner and everybody in the venue will be looking your way! Check out our knock-out Macy’s coupons to save a bundle on flashy red apparel when you’re filling out your closet for the fall.

Tomato Soup Shirt Reminiscent of Andy Warhol

2. Vintage furs

Keeping warm in autumn is easy with a nice fur coat! None of the frills are tacked on this year, though: we’re taking it back to classic coats, just fur, none of the tassels. Rock that 20th century with something a little “dated” and you’ll be the belle of the ball, darling!

Vintage Fur coats
Vintage Fur Coat

3. Western wear

That’s right! Let your inner cowgirl shine, because vintage western wear is making a comeback. We’re talking steel-toed boots, leather vests, and cowhide prints! Keep your mom’s ’70s throwback fringe suede jacket deep, deep in the closet, but pick up a nice pair of calfskin round-toed boots or a denim button-up on the cheap with our Lucky Brand coupons and represent that neo-western vibe.

his & her cowboy boots

4. Vintage plaid

No, we’re not talking about 1990s Kurt Cobain grunge plaid. Think late-game Mad Men! ’60s and ’70s plaid is in. Bright colors in gorgeous contrast with one another. It’s the famous picnic pattern your grandma used to wear, and you’ll look just as gorgeous in it! That’s a fact.

Mad Men Style Plaid

5. Old-school hats

Baseball caps and beanies are out! Kick that casual stuff to the curb and pick up something a little more stylish. Consider brimmed caps or bucket hats, lined with gorgeous fur for a little extra warmth and chic style!

Maroon Brimmed Hat in a wheat field

6. Leisure suits

Oh yeah! No more are leisure suits—track or jogging suits, if you prefer—relegated to organized crime and gym rats! Retake that stylish fashion statement, pick up something sporty in a nice, bright color from Adidas or Nike. Champs also sports a surprising amount of truly fashionable athletic wear. Don’t sweat the bottom line when you can shave that price tag down.

Stylish Track Suit
Stylish track suit

7. Broad shouldered shirts and jackets

Fill out your shoulders with something padded for a more masculine look this fall! There’s no reason to be jealous of the boys when you can slip into a gorgeous overcoat with broad shoulders and make a statement!

8. Fishnet tights

Famous in the early ’90s grunge scene, fishnet tights or stockings are making a resurgence! You can pick up a gorgeous pair of fishnet tights from Torrid—and don’t forget to use our Torrid coupons when you shop to save big. Just make sure to pick up an extra coat in case the weather turns chilly while you’re rocking those stockings!

Stylish black stockings

9. Wide belts

Remember the mid-2000s? They’re back! In belt form, if nothing else. Slap a nice wide belt over your coat or dress to cut a clean figure and impress your friends!

10. Mid-length skirts

Flowing and gorgeous are in this autumn! Try out a beautiful mid-length skirt, maybe with a side slit, to take it back to the ’80s in true chic style. Consider one of Nordstrom Rack’s beautiful skirts, and slash those prices so that they fit into your budget by using our Nordstrom Rack coupons when you shop!

Mid-length Skirt

Follow our guide and you’ll be scoring compliments and catching eyes everywhere you go! Just make sure to peruse Wonderdealz for coupons at your favorite stores when you shop. Living on a budget can be difficult, but there’s no reason to adorn yourself in trash bags to pinch pennies when we can hook you up with great savings.

Author: Billie Hauk

24-year-old Tennessee local yokel, part-time LGBTQ+ journalist and blogger.

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