7 Best Budget Sushi Restaurants in NYC

Looking for affordable sushi in New York City? Chances are you’re not going to find something cost-effective and appropriately tasty without a little digging, judging by the slowly rising cost of getting a decent roll as of late. You might have been able to get a good assortment for $20 but these days it seems harder to get cheap fish that isn’t in the form of a very non-Japanese offering, probably covered in enough sauce to destroy the fish flavor you were after in the first place.

So if you’re tired of tossing a slab of tilapia in the oven and pining for the days of sub-$100 plates of high-quality seafood, this is the list of best budget sushi NYC for you. We’ve rounded up seven of the top runners for the title of best sushi NYC, but you’ll have to be the judge of which you like the best, considering how many different sushi offerings these establishments have.Ditch the Central Park exclusiveness and broaden your horizons.  In no particular order, here’s some of NYC’s current top offerings.


One of the more recent trending restaurants on the list, Uogashi opened at the tail end of 2016 and has already shown a strong initial surge in popularity among sushi aficionados. With a menu offering rolls as low as five dollars a la carte, it’s difficult to turn down such an appealingly-priced joint with a strong showing of fish varieties.

The only downside are its fairly narrow open hours, but it’s worth carving some time out of your schedule to take a peek. If you’re feeling especially brave, the chef’s special is a no-nonsense way to get a taste of the best Uogashi has to offer.

tasty inside-out roll in NYC

Mi-Ne Sushi Totoya

Located on 6th Avenue, Mi-Ne offers a nice middle ground between the highs and lows that come with sushi. You’re not going to break the bank eating there, but if you’re looking to indulge in some fatty tuna and unwind with something unusual, they’re more than happy to accommodate.

Not only do they offer a massive menu selection at over 170 unique items at last count, but they also play host to Japanese cuisine and traditional dishes that require a lot of restaurant-scouring to find in New York.

tobiko topped California roll in NYC

Sushi on Jones

Sushi on Jones is a bit of an odd duck on the list. You text the restaurant ahead of time to reserve your place, as you might a high-end establishment, but you file in for a 30 minute eating frenzy with some delightfully fresh fish with generous portion sizes. Considering the bar only seats four people and an open-air dining experience gives this stop on the list an odd, albeit unique, twist.


best budget NYC sushi + nigiri

Sushi Katsuei

If you’re looking for a quiet, solemn place to visit, Katsuei isn’t for you. It’s nearly always encouragingly busy, offering good turnover on their stock, but it’s the unique spin on their dishes that puts them in the running for best sushi NYC. Each roll and dish gets its own sauce, seasoning or specialization that ensures each roll is distinct and pops out from the rest of the menu. If you’ve ever had a handful of omakase offerings that were nearly identical, you’ll appreciate the effort Katsuei puts into its menu.

1 or 8

Tucking into foreign food comes with some expectations. You probably expect food outside of your usual palette and occasionally even your comfort zone. 1 or 8 dives into the more interesting side of the best budget sushi NYC with interior decor that forgoes the stereotypical sushi spot, opting for something hyper-modern and striking to compliment the simple display of fish that goes lightly seasoned at best. A clean dining experience that focuses on the fish with a decor to match. What’s not to like?


Hamachi nigri in NYC


Somehow standing out from amidst Noho’s excess with a comparatively reserved decor that blends in with the wall rather than stand out from it, BondSt has clearly cut ties with the expected obsession that draws diners to pay more attention to a restaurant’s presentation than the food it offers. That isn’t to say the food’s flavor is lost in the clash of cultures, though, and affordability should drive you to BondSt amidst its louder cousins.

Delciious sushi in NYC


Hitting a sweet spot between its offerings and how happy your bank account will be after you dine there, Kanoyama regularly doles out seasonal offerings that keep it separate from the pack without relying heavily on gimmicks or curious draws.

So if you’re at the point where you’re tired of shelling out hundreds of dollars for quality omakase every time you have friends in town or a craving for fresh seafood, rest assured that you can find the best budget sushi NYC without searching endlessly.

Don’t live in NYC? Don’t let that stop you from indulging yourself in some NYC sushi. Check out Skyscanner, Cheapoair, or cheapflightsnow and haul your sushi-loving self over to the Big Apple.

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