Top 10 European Road trips

Ever thought of experiencing the road without pressing the brakes every minute, honking or getting honked at by another car in order to keep up with the fast paced city  lifestyle. Have you ever seen the road as a canvas, with spaces to fill nice colors, imagining you are sitting on the wheel of the paintbrush. We live in a beautiful world full of heart pumping landscapes and scenery, and road trips are one of the best ways to experience them with your friends and loved ones.


The magnificent contours of Europe are already world renowned. But away from all the famous colorful cities which are filled with international tourist and travel enthusiasts, this splendid continent offers various getaways where you can still find nature at its best. Read on for your travel inspiration! 



  1.    Trollstigen, Norway

This surprisingly remote destination offers spectacular views of the giant 1,050 ft Stigfossen waterfall and a 2,300 ft high viewpoint. This is one of the world’s most adventures road trip destinations. With plenty of twists and turns this is a perfect choice for adrenaline junkies and explorers alike. 

Situated in central Norway, it attracts plenty of nature lovers every year. It consists of 11 dramatic twists along the climb with a rock wall on one side and a huge drop on the other. Only the brave should dare this road path!

Fjords in Norway
Driving through the fjords of Norway



  1.    The Transfagarasan , Romania

In the very region of Dracula himself lies the Transfagarasan mountain road. This dramatic road will take you all the way through famous Romanian Carpathian mountains all the way to Transylvania.

Rich with numerous castles and beautiful old cities. These are some really untouched places in Eastern Europe which give it a spot as one of the most famous roads from around the world. The series of tunnels and bridges add a whole extra thrill to spice up your road trip. 

Romanian Winding Roads
Test your rally driving skills on these roads



  1.    Amalfi Coast, Italy

Southern Italy offers a breathtaking coastline to drive through, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site situated along the Mediterranean. It has plenty of exotic beaches on one side and high rise cliffs on the other, no doubt it is considered the most mesmerizing landscape in all of Italy.

The 60 km stretch of road includes many great site-seeing spots. Amazing historic towns such as Positano and Vietri sul Mare. Along the cliffs are several authentic Italian cafés and restaurants, offering delicacies along with magnificent views.

The beautiful Italian Coastline
The beautiful Italian Coastline



  1.    La route des Grandes Alpes, France

The famous French Alps route stretches all the way to the Mediterranean and are famous for hosting the great Tour De France. It is a beautiful 700 km European road trip destination.

It consist of 16 alpine mountain passes and 6 of them are at the height of more than 2000 meters. Only operational between June and October every year, it is very famous among the cycling enthusiasts and other adventure seekers.

The towering French Alps
The towering French Alps make for stunning views



  1.    Furka Pass, Switzerland

Situated in one of the coldest and snowiest region of Switzerland, Furka pass stands on 2,431 m above the sea level and is considered one of the World’s most exciting and thrilling drives. It is popularly known for its iconic presence in a car chase scene in James Bond’s Goldfinger.

Situated in the high Alps the area attracts plenty of adventure lovers. Whether you like hiking, trekking or skiing this is the place to be. And you will witness some amazing views of mountains and glaciers. There is also the historic steam train line which adds even more excitement to the journey.

the heart of Switzerland
Adventure in the heart of Switzerland



  1.    Romantische Straße, Germany

Situated in the southern Germany the “Romantic Road” is a 350 km long road that has existed from medieval times. It winds through the German countryside, from covering famed state of Bavaria to the backwoods of Baden. Containing various picture perfect scenes of different castles, villages and towns it is one of the best roadtrips in Germany.

The famous Castle used in the Disney logo Neuschwanstein is one of the most stunning points on this road! 

Castle Neuschwanstein at Sunset
Castle Neuschwanstein at Sunset… beautiful



  1.    The Atlantic Road, Norway

Described as the “Road in the Ocean” the Atlantic road in Eastern Norway is a mesmerizing sea road connecting several islands through a series of 8 bridges.

It is a combination of modern engineering and natural beauty and the area is well known for watching exotic sea life. This road, basically built to support the fishing industry, is now listed among best and most beautiful roadtrips on the world!

Road in the Ocean
Island hopping has a whole new meaning on this journey!



  1.    Bollenstreek Route, Netherlands

Situated between major cities, in the middle of Holland, and famously addressed as the “Flower Route”. The Bollenstreek Route is a 40 km stretch of fascinating views, lined with beautiful tulips, daffodils and other such flowers along both sides of the road.

There are numerous photo opportunities; with Dutch Windmills as the background and road side flowers shops make this journey fresher than ever. And in addition to a nice road trip route it is a very famous cycling route.

Nederlands Flowers
It might be one of the flattest countries but it can also be one of the most romantic



  1.    Basque Circuit, Spain

One of the most vibrant countries in Europe is none other than Spain. In addition to its gorgeous landscapes and rich culture, Spain also provides a chance to go on an epic road journey along the varying terrain of the country.

The 483 km route consists of all the possible varieties of scenery. Starting from ocean all the way to thickly forested hills and grape fields. This route is situated in the most splendid area of northern Spain and it is a must go destination for anyone who wants sun and adventure. 

The Basque Circuit
Winding roads and rolling hills in Spain



  1.   Ring of Kerry, Ireland

The ring of Kerry is a 179 km circular route in south-western Ireland. It is an epic circuit famous for its historical sites, majestic views, and the Wild Atlantic Way. People go there to experience the beautiful Ireland there and to take pleasure of famous Irish “Bread and Breakfast”.

It is also well known to see ancient Monasteries, several Iron Age forts, it’s a great chance to see the Irish Heritage from near. The beauty of the route is spectacular is always listed one of the best road trip destination in Western Europe.

Ring of Kerry
This wild landscape feels like it was frozen in time

So which one are you going for!


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