10 Free Very Helpful Shopping Apps For 2017

Shopping has literally never been easier! Long gone are the days of driving into town to hit up the trendiest boutiques and best-priced department stores to get what you need. In this day and age, you can pick up everything from hobby gear to home essentials and even food on the internet—there are even companies that pick up fast-food from places that don’t delivery and groceries from the supermarket and bring your food directly to your front door!

In the information age, getting what you need is usually a matter of a quick internet search and inputting your payment information—or, on websites like Amazon, a single click to order with saved info. That said, figuring out the most convenient means of picking up goods can be overwhelming. There are so many options to choose from! But worry no more: we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best new shopping apps for 2017.

ShopStyle – free on iOS and Android

ShopStyle isn’t new, but it’s a venerable classic in the shopping app world, and it has been for years—which makes it a perfect pick even in 2017. ShopStyle collects over 18 million items from a myriad of brands, retailers and outlets in one space, so that searching for new items from your favorite shop has never been easier. You can even set alerts for sales at your most frequent shopping destinations, and filter items to look for super specific stuff!

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Poshmark – free on iOS and Android

If you’re looking to shop thriftily, Poshmark is your best bet! It’s the best app for picking up “gently used” clothing and consignment sale items. You can eve sign up to sell your own used apparel and items that you no longer need, meaning you can rake in some dough and then turn around and use it to pick up all new stuff in one convenient place!


Zara – free on iOS and Android

Zara’s a super nifty app for keeping tabs on your favorite stores’ sales and bargains, but the most helpful function of Zara is the built-in barcode scanner. Using the scanner, you can get the deets on your latest thrift store find in a matter of seconds—and who knows, maybe you’ll win big and find a super valuable item that you can resell for a bundle!


Amazon – free on iOS and Android

This one’s a no brainer. Amazon is one of the best online retail outlets around, and their app is super handy for the same reason that Zara’s is: you can use their built-in barcode scanner to check the value and reviews of thrift store finds. If you have an Amazon seller’s account, you can piggyback off of Amazon item descriptions and resell your purchases right away.


Rent the Runway – free on iOS

If you hate wearing the same dress to formal events, Rent the Runway is a godsend! You can rent formal attire like gowns and cocktail dresses at a fraction of their retail price. Invest in a premium membership and rent up to three items concurrently!

Renting a new dress with Rent the Runway is easy peasy: all you have to do is pick out your item and it’ll be delivered to you, sometimes same day! Rent the Runway has a 100% fit guarantee and free rental insurance to ensure that you have a great rental experience. Returns are just as simple: you just drop your apparel at UPS, and they handle the returns and dry-cleaning for free!


ASOS – free on iOS and Android

ASOS is another great app for keeping up with sales alerts—and if you have an Apple watch, you can have the alerts sent to that! Best of all, shipping is free for orders over $40! You’re sure to find your niche with over 40,000 different styles and over 850 different brands sold at ASOS, both in men’s and women’s clothing! They also offer free returns, in case you order the wrong size and need to have your product exchanged, and 10% off discount for students!


Etsy – free on iOS and Android

If you’re a regular browser of the awesome Etsy, which is a stellar place to pick up gorgeous hand-made items, you’ve got to get their app! It allows you to browse shops, communicate with shop owners, and even track your orders. Poke around on their website to find shops selling the absolute cutest in custom-made, one of a kind items, apparel and accessories! You’re sure to love what you find.


Shopbop – free on iOS and Android

A one-stop shopping app for contemporary high-end fashion and accessories, Shopbop has a super slick, easy to use interface that lets you browse over 800 different labels, so that you can search out and track your favorite brands! Plus, if you have an Amazon Prime account, you can get free two-day shipping through Shopbop.


Spring – free on iOS

Spring is a shopping aggregate app that collects items from over 1,500 brands into a single, easy to peruse space. Rather than having to make a bunch of separate purchases, you can combine your chosen items into a single cart for one easy purchase! Spring also has a splendid returns policy and free shipping, and touts some of the best customer service around.


The Real Real – free on iOS and Android

Like Poshmark, The Real Real is an app that helps you pick out consignment and gently used items—but on a luxury level! Think designer handbags, clothes and accessories up to 70% off retail value! Every item sold on The Real Real is authenticate by their in-house experts, so you know that you aren’t blowing your hard-earned cash on fairy dust.

There you have it! Ten amazing new apps—all free, most of them for both iOS and Android—that will help you up your shopping game to legendary levels!


Author: Billie Hauk

24-year-old Tennessee local yokel, part-time LGBTQ+ journalist and blogger.

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