5 Worst Netflix Series of All Time

Netflix is one of the most successful and popular companies around today. Pioneering the currently booming streaming television industry, and perhaps even leading the fight to completely dismantle subscription television services. They’ve got a huge array of beloved original series and have even picked up a few shows that were abandoned by cable networks. That hasn’s stopped them from making some absolutely awful shows. This is our list of the worst Netflix series.

Netflix has made a few mistakes, and not all of their television shows hit the mark. So without further ado, here are the five worst Netflix series of all time!

The Ranch

Though The Ranch has a minor cult following, it is decidedly underwhelming on both a conceptual level and in its execution. The Ranch follows a former high school and college football star; Ashton Kutcher. Who has returned home to help run the family business. A ranch, unsurprisingly—in Colorado. He has to contend with his dysfunctional family, consisting of his brother Rooster, father Beau, and mother Maggie.

Unfortunately, the show’s writing is predictable, its pacing is agonizing, and its humor falls flat more often than not. The Ranch isn’t an out and out bad show… but it isn’t a good show either. Given Netflix’s high standards, that just won’t cut it.

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F is For Family

Not unlike The Ranch, F is For Family is less a failure and more unoriginal. An animated show following in the wake of cartoons like The Simpsons, Family Guy, or Bob’s Burgers. F is For Family leans a little too heavily on these classics, with the exception of an increased vulgarity quota—which quickly becomes more obnoxious than it is funny.


A political thriller in the same vein as House of Cards. But en Francais, Marseille’s biggest downfall is that it invests too much in the silly tropes that better political dramas manage to sidestep. Rather than being a character-driven heart stopper, Marseille is a poorly paced hodgepodge of plot twists that never seem to pay off.

Marco Polo

One of Netflix’s greatest mistakes, Marco Polo was an intensely hyped-up drama series meant to riff off of the incredibly successful Game of Thrones and Vikings. It offered men in gleaming armor on horseback and tons of cool visuals. Aesthetic isn’t everything, though, and Netflix canceled Marco Polo after two seasons.

The show’s most egregious error was in the direction of its plot, which remains entirely too traditionalist. It rarely keeps the viewer engaged. Aside from that, riveting characters are few and far between—and why would anybody want to watch a show starring a bunch of characters that they don’t care about doing things they aren’t invested in?

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Hemlock Grove

Hemlock Grove was highly anticipated on release, but completely failed to live up to the expectations that its trailers set. With a premise akin to Twin Peaks, Hemlock Grove is a series set in a sleepy town where social status is key, and secrets abound.

Sadly, Hemlock Grove failed to garner the same cult following as Twin Peaks. Its plot is too muddled and inane to really get invested in, with characters that range from downright boring to needlessly wacky. Overall, the show’s faux-surreal plot twists and bizarre concepts are executed poorly. The show completely fails to draw you in—and anybody that did find themselves invested in the plot was likely disappointed by the total lack of payoff as the series progressed.


There you have it! Proof that even the greatest of titans is flawed. Those were the five worst Netflix series of all time. Try not to forget that they’ve produced a huge array of unmitigated successes, however! For more recent hits, consider Ozark or American Vandal. Thanks to the invention of playstation, wii and other entertainment consoles it’s super easy to hook up your TV so you don’t always have to binge-watch on your laptop.

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