The 8 best foodie blogs for fall

Summer is finally starting to slip away. It’s a song and dance we’re all used to as we pack up our swimwear and get ready for long, rainy days and the inevitability of frost-covered windshields and uncomfortably waiting for our cars to heat up. To some, that’s a real shame. To others, it’s the perfect chance to roll out seasonal recipes tucked away for when the air is nippy and the leaves start to change. The best foodie blogs are already showing off their strongest seasonal recipes and it’s about time!

To make it on this list, an aspiring blog has to show character, a love for food, a sense of personal flair and recipes worth making. That last bit may be more important than the rest, but let’s not forget food photography and foodie blogging aren’t always the same thing. We’re offering up eight of the best blogs fall can offer, so if your recipe book is looking meager this season, read on!


Always an easy blog to recommend, Heidi of FoodieCrush clearly spends a lot of time cultivating the wide array of recipes she offers. Every dish is sorted by several criteria ranging from mealtime appropriateness to how seasonally appropriate they are, making it easy to snag something new for your dinner plans. Even food fans on a budget can get in on the action, thanks to budget-friendly choices cultivated for those nights you just can’t bring yourself to splurge.

What To Cook Today

Let’s be honest: For most of us, seasonal fall eats probably don’t conjure up images of Asian fusion or even traditional Asian cuisine, but there’s never anything wrong with broadening culinary horizons. Headed by a cook with a fondness for her native homeland of Indonesia, What To Cook Today’s catalogue of dishes will keep you warm on even the chilliest of nights.

Cookie and Kate

For the vegetarians giving this list a read, you haven’t been forgotten. Cookie and Kate revolves around getting fresh veggies from your local market or garden onto your table in healthy, appealing ways. If you’re looking for something to warm up winter houseguests, take a look at Kate’s recipe for corn and cherry tomato salsa. It’s easy to make and great for sharing.

A Cozy Kitchen

You know what goes great with cold weather? Warm desserts! There’s no arguing the appeal of having something hot and sweet to chase away winter chills and A Cozy Kitchen delivers on being one of the best foodie blogs out there as far as dessert is concerned. You could go ahead and make a standard pineapple upside down cake, or you could mix things up and try a plum, nectarine and pistachio variant that I almost guarantee no one you’ve met has tried before.

Belly Over Mind

When you think of fall spices, you may immediately focus on traditional pumpkin spice and nutmeg combinations as winter looms, but Belly Over Mind beckons you towards a world of curries and traditional Indian dishes. One-pot curries combine the convenience of slow cooking with the reduced hassle of only having to clean one service dish, which is always a plus. If you’re feeling especially brave, Belly Over Mind has a recipe for breakfast brains (yes, you read that right) to really test your culinary adventurer’s spirit.

Cloudy Kitchen

If this were a list ranking foodie blogs based on presentation, Cloudy Kitchen would almost certainly be at the top. Most of the best blogs fall a little short in the presentation department even if their recipes are amazing. You won’t have that problem with Cloudy Kitchen, where everything is photographed in triplicate and in amazing detail. It doesn’t hurt that the recipes are so intriguing, too. Greek variants of nachos? Traditional s’mores-style pies? More, please!

Chicano Eats

Combining American and Mexican eats may not be a new concept in the grand culinary scheme of things, but Esteban of Chicano Eats goes above and beyond when it comes to introducing new flavors into well-trodden territory. You’ll find traditional cocktails to go with chili citrus mezcal wings, for example, and the author always sprinkles in life tidbits to go with his recipes, especially when it comes to his traditional takes on old standbys.

A Simple Thyme

Rounding out the list is an entry that proves the best foodie blogs don’t have to be wild and crazy. Sometimes a blog that focuses on simple dishes with new combinations of flavors, much like A Simple Thyme, is all you need to inspire you to try something new in the kitchen.

If you’re still reading this instead of cooking, go on! The worst that can happen is you might find a new favorite food, right? Plus you can outfit your kitchen to match these masters in kitchen with Food52, Blue Apron, hello fresh and other food-centric shops to keep your meal haven as epic as your appetite.

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