Wes Anderson’s Upcoming Movie: Isle of Dogs

If you are a movie lover, especially quircky, out there, slightly insane but super cute movies… Then you must have watched a Wes Anderson film or two. If not then stop reading this post and immediately go and watch his whole filmography!

His films go from heart-wrenchingly emotional to hilariously funny in a matter of seconds. You can even learn a life lesson or two. We are intrigued to see which direction his upcoming film goes. Check out the trailer…

Watch Wes Anderson’s new trailer for isle of dogs…

We are so happy that Wes has returned to stop motion, the wait has been long and arduous since the iconic release of Fantastic Mister Fox. The art direction and animation techniques add a whole new layer to these films that keep us entranced and enthralled!

The story looks fun and happy go lucky, we love the setting and the theme. We can’t wait to see Wes’s interpretation of Japanese culture and art! Also… The dogs! So cute. But we think all of this cuteness may be masking an underlying political message. It wouldn’t be a Wes Anderson film without some hidden meaning and dark undertones.

On a side not:
Has anyone noticed how a lot of Anderson’s camera work uses symetry to convey his underlying subtext? If you rewatch his films then be sure to keep an eye out for all of the symetrical cinematography.

Anyway watch this space, the movie is due to be released: March 23, 2018. So still a bit of a wait, but we are sure it will be worth it!

Isle-Of-Dogs-wes anderson

What was your favourite Wes Anderson movie? Was it his very early work such as Bottle Rocket, or something a bit more mainstream like The Grand Budapest Hotel or Moonrise Kingdom?

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