New Season of Stranger Things: What to Expect

It’s time to binge through season one of Stranger Things if you haven’t caught up already. As season two is hot on Netflix’s upcoming shows list and you’d be ill-advised to miss it. The first season of this horror-tinged drama has received strong praise and its sophomore offering promises to up the ante with new threats and spooky happenings. But just what do we know about the new season of Stranger Things? Quite a few interesting tidbits, as it turns out.

Stranger Things: What to expect…

Wild trailer clues aplenty

Starting with the utmost of basics. The pre-release trailers has revealed the second season will take place in the fall of 1984, depicting shots of the main cast in Ghostbusters costumes during Halloween. With a release date of October 27 slated for the new season it’s no small coincidence. They will definitely be starting things off during the spookiest time of year.

The stakes promise to be bigger than the first season’s offerings, too: While the first season primarily revolved around a creature that targeted victims on an individual level, just to avoid spoiling anything juicy if you’re late to the party, the newest threat to Hawkins seems to be much, much worse.

Brief shots of the silhouette of a massive spider-esque creature straight out of H.R. Giger’s fantasies promises to ramp up the intensity of the new season of Stranger Things. With a threat that is poised to cause problems for the entirety of the town rather than just a select few. Worse yet, an unnamed character is coming to Hawkins to clean up after the first season’s antagonist and may end up an antagonist in his or her own right. Pile that in with the possibility of further government intervention and mental health care hounding a few unlucky kids in the cast and we’re almost certain to get something interesting out of the human players in season two.

The non-trailer tidbits

If you’ve kept on the pulse of Stranger Things news you doubtlessly saw the released list of episode titles revealed several months back:

  • MadMax
  • The Boy Who Came Back to Life
  • The Pumpkin Patch
  • The Palace
  • The Storm
  • The Pollywog
  • The Secret Cabin
  • The Brain
  • The Lost Brother

Clever fans have already worked out several spoiler-heavy ideas about what those episodes might contain. This prompted series creator Matt Duffer to change several of those working titles. Plot points may have changed as well. But several of those episodes likely have solid titles already; The Boy Who Came Back to Life and The Pollywog for instance, refer to plot points gleaned from the first season that weren’t meant to be surprises.

The second season promises to pick up exactly where the first left off. Along with other promising highlights such as the introduction of two new characters and story lines that will take us outside of the familiar bounds of Hawkins, Indiana. The new season of Stranger Things is already shaping up to offer more mysteries than we ever thought possible.

Hover around your computer or hook-up your laptop to your TV and get ready for some serious binge-watching.

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