Magnificent Hiking Destinations Around The World

The great travellers found deepest vicinities of the world while exploring extreme wilderness and having to be face to face with Mother Nature. Experiencing wilderness and extreme challenges have always been an essential quality human race possessed in order to evolve. These hiking destinations will give you goose bumps that how men and nature encounter each other in pure wilderness.

The most beautiful hiking destinations across the globe


Long Range Traverse In Newfoundland, Canada

Nearly 25 miles

Best time to go between June and September, Permission has to be acquired

What can be better when there is a hike with no trail but just a direction to follow and the area untouched by any civilization?  Companions to this hike are mostly mesmerizing flora and fauna. Explore things possibly no men has ever seen, the hike is claimed to be filled with hidden lakes and caves.

hiking destinations - lake
Photo by Chloe Lam


Everest Base Camp Trek, Nepal

Varies from 80 miles – 230 miles

Equipments and high physical fitness level

Up in the mighty Himalayas and under the roof of the world the majestic Mt Everest, lies the hike which can test both physical and mental limits of a human. With extreme heights and inhumane conditions this is an exciting endurance filled trek with beautiful face of nature which can be seen nowhere else. The large difference in the length is depending on the starting points and availability of a high altitude air strip. This must be one of the hardest to conquer hiking destinations! A true challenge.

hiking destinations - everest
Photo by Arto Marrttinen


Tour Du Mont Blanc, France Italy and Switzerland

100 miles

Ideally a summer destination

Three countries cultures and the magnificent Alps is a perfect mixture of an ultimate hiking destination. This hike offers a complete circle of gigantic Mont Blanc and some of the best Alpine views which are extremely pleasant to the eyes. The route is filled with mesmerising peaks and glaciers and the spring adds even a more beautiful touch to the whole experience.

hiking destinations - mountain jungle
Photo By Milada Vigerova


Overland Track, Tasmania and Australia

40 miles – 50 miles

Best time to go between October and May, Not recommended in winters

Astonishing wildlife and intriguing natural terrain will accompany you along the beautiful hiking trail in the southern hemisphere of the world. The route is full of wonderful lakes and forests, the rare of the rarest bio diversity here is the key attraction of this hiking destination.

hiking destinations - lake bridge
Photo by Paul Carmona


Pacific Crest Trail, United States

2,650 miles

Sheer determination, preparation and weather understanding

Yes we are talking about the great American cross pacific hike which takes up to 1 year and scales almost the complete longitudinal distance of the 3rd biggest continent in the world. Although arduos, it is one of the most scenic hiking destinations. The hike is a long traverse comprised of almost all possible terrains, this is an extremely long and tiring hike which can challenge every aspect of life. The movie ‘Wild (2014)’ about the solo women traveller who hiked along this way is an inspirational thing to watch if you are planning to hike this trail.

hiking destinations - killamanjaro
Photo By Ross Noble


Inca Trail, Peru

26 miles

Ideal time of visit between May and September

One of the best hiking destination in the world which takes you through glorious jungles, historic monuments and wrecks the completion of the hike is at the world famous Machu Picchu. This exciting Peruvian trail is famous among archaeologists and explorers as it is known for the well-known exploration of lost cities and medieval remains.

hiking destinations - inca peru
Photo by Amanda Kerry


Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

35 miles

Basic mountaineering training and understanding

Known for it’s beautiful above the cloud sceneries and fascinating surroundings, the highest peak of the continent of Africa invites hundreds of nature and adventure lovers every year. With plenty of service providers offering tours and organized treks these are perfect hiking destinations for people seeking endurance and who want to witness some of the most beautiful sites of nature.

hiking destinations - above the clouds
Photo by Joel Peel


Grand Canyon Hike, United States

45 miles

Best time to visit is between March and November

Known for containing some of the most amazing textures of the earth the Great Grand Canyon trail not only comprises of great terrains and  massive physical appearances, but it gives a range of beautiful vantage points  to have a broad look into the beautiful sceneries. Carved on side of Colorado River, it exposes majestic beauty of earth.

hiking destinations - crevasse valley
Photo by Luca Bravo


Caribou Tracks In Gates, Alaska

120 miles – 400 miles

Extreme wilderness training

This destination contains a true wonder of nature and the natural footprints of the splendid Caribou. It gives an access to a doorway to view and experience raw nature in the famous wilderness of the winter world of Alaska. This Hiking destination is one of a kind. Just across the Arctic Circle this hike is vast preserved land trails of oldest traces of the formation of our world.

hiking destinations - mountain deer
Caribou Trail Alaska


Trek to Petra, Jordan

50 miles

Preparation of extreme weather conditions

The best hiking destination in Middle East and can be remembered from the famous movies like Indiana Jones and Transformers which were shot in the ancient city of Petra. This trail takes you to some of the historic architectures and give opportunity to explore famous temples and tombs of this amazing area.

hiking destinations - jordan
Photo by Joshua Rodriguez


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