Google: Leading the way towards zero carbon footprints

The title is very true; as Google is always among the organizations with the principle agenda of innovation. It is leading the race of going completely environmentally friendly and having zero carbon footprint. The bold claim and clear vision of establishing its operational base completely dependent upon renewable energy resources is now plausible for google to achieve by the end of this year.

Google’s promise to have zero carbon footprint

Google initiated the run to become the world’s largest corporation to consume renewable energy when it signed the agreement with a wind farm in Iowa in 2010. This involved the agreement to use a hefty 114 megawatt of renewable electricity. Since then they have strived ever harder to ave zero carbon footprint. Now, Google will increase that number to reach its glorious goals of incorporating about 2600 megawatts of electricity by end of 2017. This will involve both solar energy in addition to the wind energy.

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As we can see, google is far ahead of the competition! Amazon has less than half the renewable energy of Google and Apple has a measly 200MW compared to Google’s 2600MW!

The transformation involves energy distribution to all the entities associated with google. Including the data centers, which are the most important elements for all the players deal within the internet industry. When an organization like google take steps to have zero carbon footprint, they are extremely inspirational for all the fellow companies. Consider the organizational weight of google as it crunches and processes numerous searches and seemingly immeasurable data every second and very hour. It goes beyond comparison for Google to make a step like this. Such road-maps potentially tend to create massive benchmarks. When it comes to starting a drive towards healthy and wealthy environment in the coming decades.


These measures not only support a stability-prone promising tomorrow but a sustainable environment we can preserve for our upcoming generations. With giant firms like Google and Amazon coming together and joining hands in order to lead the path towards global environmental harmony. The future looks inexplicably more promising and bright.


Zero carbon - Google laptop
80% people use Google worldwide


What about after they reach zero carbon footprint?

In addition to this google has also promised that they are ready to go beyond 100% dependency with renewable resources. They are paving grounds for a environment, not only for them but for the whole community. It paves the way for others to  have accessibility to the same pedagogy. It encourages other titans of industry, smaller businesses, and everything in between to adopt and incorporate clean energy use for their day-to-day operations. There is no doubt that we are on a verge of a greater environmental hazard. It will be even more threatening when we are so beyond the threshold point from where there is no way back. Hence let’s come together and adopt a cleaner way towards living. We should support nature to regain its stand. Kudos to Google for being committed to the mission. 

And don’t forget you don’t have to be a mega corporation to make a huge impact. You can educate yourself with shops that are committed to sustainability and helping protect our planet: Mighty Leaf Tea, BackCountry, and Karen Kane are good places to start.

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