The 8 Best Sausages from around the World… And the Wurst.

Sausage is the food of kings. It can be long or short, fat or thin, a snack or a meal. There are no boundaries a sausage dare not cross; served on a pizza, in a pasta or just on its own in all of its glory. The best sausages come from accross the globe, as each nation has its own unique twist on the sausage.

Let us explore the huge variety of sausage, and find what the world has to offer!

The 8 Best Sausages

1. Chorizo

This small thin Spanish sausage packs a punch of flavor. It might not look like much but chorizo is one of the tastiest sausages out their. Perfect in a paella or pasta dish, as its oil adds a smoky paprika hint to the rest of the dish. The best way to eat chorizo has to be fried, with a dash of vodka, and then it on fire for dazzling visuals and stunning flavors. This is why it is at the top of my list of best sausages!

Best Sausages - finely sliced tasty chorizo recipe
Sausage is an art-form.



2. Bratwurst

Germans know their sausage. They like to think that they have perfected the craft of sausageering, and with the Bratwurst… they may have. This is the definitive sausage. Plain and simple; its basic sausagieness is what makes it so good. Nothing more, nothing less, it is just a pure sausage.

Best sausages - Sausage Van
Sausage is best served from a street vendor



3. Cumberland sausage

Britain has always had a bit of a rivalry with the Germans, and this extends to the sausage too. The Cumberland sausage is huge. So big that they have to curl it around itself. This spiral of pure meaty heaven can come packed with herbs and spices or simple and plain. Either way, it always tastes so good that you end up eating the whole thing… no matter how long.

Best sausages - Sausage Barbeque
Barbecues are also a good option. No salad. Ever.



4. Kielbasa

This eastern European sausage can come in all shapes and sizes… well 3 different kinds if we are being accurate:

  1. Biasa Kielbasa – Try saying this 10 times in a row as fast as you can.
  2. Kabanos Kielbasa – A thinner kielbasa.
  3. Kielbasa Wiejska – A traditional farmer sausage.
Best sausages - Sausage vendor
Sausage is mans best friend.



5. Chipolata

These small sausages are made of pure joy. Perfect for a quick snack or a tasty pasta dish. They are like an improved version of the cocktail sausage, which should com in at 9th place.

Best sausages - Sausage grill
Grilling sausage is a great American past time



6. Boerewors

This South Africa sausage is 90% meat. Traditionally made by Farmers, it is now a staple food. Not only is this a tasty meal, it is also a sausage surrounded with fierce competition. South Africans have been competing to make the world longest boerewors. The longest boerewors so far is an astounding 1,557.15 m (5,108.8 ft) in length! And the longest boerewors barbeque was 81 hours!

Best sausages - Sausage Fire
First there was fire. Then came sausage.



7. Boudin Noir

This is the French version of black pudding. It is a blood sausage and is packed with flavour. Although not everyone’s cup of tea, I personally find it to be quite enjoyable. I was a non-believer at first. It took me a long while to get past the fact that it contains… interesting parts of the animal. But once you get past that, the flavor is very good.

Best sausages - Barbecue meats
All the best food comes from the pig.



8. Sujuk

This Middle Eastern sausage is packed full of Middle Eastern flavors! It contains various spices including: fenugreek, cumin, sumac, garlic, salt, and red pepper. These are fed into a sausage casing and allowed to dry for several weeks. But beware these can be very spicy!


And the worst…

Worst sausage - Hot Dog
No comment.

0. Hotdog

This commercial tube of fake meat is the definition of a bad sausage. It has so little flavor that you have to bury it in condiments just to attempt to enjoy it. This is why it is at the bottom of our list of best sausages.


Quick Fact:
References to dachshund sausages and ultimately hot dogs can be traced to German immigrants in the 1800s. These immigrants brought not only sausages to America, but dachshund dogs. The name most likely began as a joke about the Germans’ small, long, thin dogs.


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