6 Pumpkin Recipes You Didn’t Think of

Quick, name a few pumpkin recipes that have nothing to do with pie…

It’s borderline impossible, right? We’ve fallen into a pumpkin rut and there seems to be no end in sight. Those lucky few among us who have tried the magic that is pumpkin shortbread might be worth saving. The rest of us are doomed to eat leftover pumpkin pie until Christmas rolls around. There are worse fates to fall beholden to.

The pumpkin is far more versatile than we give it credit for, though! It’s a member of the squash family and responds well to a variety of applications outside of being smashed into a pie shell. Considering there is a type of squash that regularly stands in for pasta noodles, it’s time to broaden our horizons and contemplated pumpkin fall recipes that expand the repertoire of the proud gourd we carve so many silly faces into.


The 6 Best Pumpkin Recipes

1) Pumpkin Chili

No punches are being pulled out of the gate: You can make a chili with bits of pumpkin and some spices. No, you’re not being pranked. It might still retain the pumpkin pie spice we’re trying so desperately to avoid, but there’s a lovely medley of savory flavors to mix with those traditional ginger and clove notes that we’ve come to enjoy so much in our yearly pie-making frenzies.

Pumpkin recipes - Chili
Chili never tasted so good!

2) Pumpkin Fudge

Maybe you’re in the mood for something dessert-friendly that isn’t a traditional pie or muffin, well thats not a problem: Pumpkin recipes for fudge are hardly unheard of. Not too many recipes blend in chocolate in a way that properly compliments the pumpkin’s natural attributes quite as well as fudge, which just so happens to be the perfect bite-sized delivery vehicle. You’ll even avoid those pie spices and see just what a pumpkin can taste like with new flavor compliments, too!

Pumpkin recipes - Fudge
Its healthy.. honest… we promise.

3) Creamy Pumpkin Sauce

It may sound like a dessert but this is actually a somewhat traditional sauce for pasta and ravioli that pairs pumpkin up with the unlikely partners of sage and thyme. Again, it plays with our conceptions of sweet and savory, albeit in a way that highlights the natural sweetness present in a pumpkin. It’s much more delicate than a fudge application but it also gives the option for a vegetarian sauce that isn’t a bog-standard tomato blend. For added veggie points, try topping pumpkin ravioli with its own sauce.

Pumpkin recipes - Sauce
Pumpkin is the perfect flavour to encapsulate Fall.

4) Spiced Pumpkin Seeds

We’ve been hearing about the health benefits of pumpkin seeds for what feels like decades. They’re simple to make, but there’s nothing terribly exciting about salted seeds roasted in an oven, right? Think again! With the addition of Worcestershire sauce and garlic powder you can turn a fairly mild snack into a real powerhouse of flavor that defies just how compact they are. It might help that it’s pretty darn tasty too. Making this one of few pumpkin recipes you can claim to be a borderline health food.

Pumpkin recipes - Seeds
They taste better when cooked and spiced.

5) Pumpkin Fluff Dip

Admittedly, a fluff dip isn’t exactly the first idea that springs to mind when thinking of festive gourds. But try to think more along the lines of just how fun a fluffy, lightweight dip can be. It’s a springy treat with whipped topping and vanilla that makes a fantastic dipping partner for graham crackers and shortbread cookies. You might even try turning your favorite cookie into a pumpkin fluff sandwich cookie. The extra brave among you might even go so far as to dip that cookie sandwich in melting chocolate. Is it healthy? Maybe not. Is it a Thanksgiving-appropriate dessert? Without a doubt.

Pumpkin recipes - Fluff
Why not serve the fluff from a pumpkin for extra style points.

6) Pumpkin Black Bean Soup

Much like the chili, pumpkins pair well with just about any dish that goes heavy with the beans. You might be noticing a trend by now. Regardless, this soup is even easier to assemble than the chili. It makes for a good next-day meal once you’ve run out of steam carving up all your pumpkins and running two turkeys through the deep fat fryer. It even pairs well with roasted pumpkin seeds, which you just might have lying about after an introduction to garlic and Worcestershire.

Pumpkin recipes - Blackbean
Pumpkin and beans – The ultimate combination of flavor,


Are there better pumpkin fall recipes to be had without going to pie? Hardly. Although.. maybe someone should try making pumpkin dumplings?

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