6 Best Fashion Designers in The Last 60 Years

Either we want it or not but we all follow the fashion to some extent. Fashion designers form people’s taste in fashion. Each designer has his own style that could be recognized and also copied by consumers. We’ll walk you through the best fashion designers, whose style is not only unique but also modern and wearable at the moment. Sometimes apparel from popular designers is quite expensive but you always can snag inspo from the fashion brands and then find something alike in online shops or even sew by yourself! And don’t forget about accessories. The best fashion designers don’t just offer apparel but all kinds of bags, watches, jewelry, and other accessories. Lucky you!


Stella McCartney

The brand was founded in 2001. It presents not only apparel but also shoes and accessories. To make her shoes and bags,  McCartney uses different innovative materials instead of leather. Recyclable materials and faux fur or leather is very important for the designer and she uses qualitative synthetic materials in her collections.

Clothing from Stella McCartney is for modern, smart, and active people. There is a combination of practical and beautiful in every piece of clothing she creates. This brand isn’t limited to only women, men and children are also represented under the McCarthy emblem. The whole family can be decked out in stylish apparel. What are the main takeaways from this famous Stella?  Elegance and simplicity are ideologically woven into all her pieces.

Stella McCartney Winter campaign. Photo credit Instagram: stellamccartney

Isabel Marant

Style of Isabel Marant could be described as bohemian. Her clothing is made for people who were born to be free and creative. Every piece designed by this brand is simple but at the same time unique. It’s not uncommon to find ethnic motifs, embroidery, fringe, or lace on the clothes. Punctuate your wardrobe with Isabel Marant if you’re going for the casual/ bohemian yet stylish look.

If you consider yourself to be a hyper idiosyncratic with a serious sense of self, then this brand is for you.  If you like crafting unusual yet stunning combinations in your wardrobe,  then definitely opt for this modern designer.There is a huge variety of shoes, bags, belts, scarves, and jewelry. Accessories always complete the outfit and add that extra je ne sais quoi to the outfit.

Isabel Marant . Photo credit Instagram: isabelmarant

Karl Lagerfeld

Probably everyone is familiar with the name of Karl Lagerfeld. He is one of the most popular and arguable best designers in the world. He was collaborating with many fashion houses in the past and created loads of collections, and still continues to create more and more. In 2011 Karl Lagerfeld presented a capsule collection of women clothing for Macy’s. It had dresses, shorts, jackets, and blouses.

Lagerfeld is extremely hard working and productive, that’s why you can find almost everything in his collections. He offers men and women apparel, as well as kids’ fashion. Accessories vary from bags, shoes, watches, sunglasses till phone cases, jewelry, and even perfumes. Clothing is laconic and elegant, it is designed for everyday life, as well as for celebratory occasions.

Karl Lagerfeld. Photo credit Instagram: karllagerfeld

Rei Kawakubo

This is a Japanese iconic fashion designer that has been creating extraordinary clothes for more than forty years. Her fashion fascinates and overwhelms. No one can stay indifferent to this apparel.

Rei Kawakubo is a founder of the brand Comme des Garçons. It has French name but Japanese roots. Kawakubo likes extravagant fashion and in some extent is  provocative. She denies common standards; she enjoys deconstructionist elements in clothing. Extra-long sleeves, uneven hemlines, deformed fabrics – this is what characterizes this designer. Symmetry is definitely not something that you can see in this clothes.

Sounds like this brand is very extravagant for everyday life but that’s not totally true. You can find extraordinary apparel but at the same time it is very wearable. Comme des Garçons offers fashion for women, men, and children. If you want to stand out from the crowd, this fashion brand is 100% for you!

Comme des Garçons. Photo credit Instagram: commedesgarcons

Phoebe Philo

Phoebe Philo worked as a lead designer for Chloé and was the pioneer for its popularity. Since 2008, she moved to the fashion house Céline and made a revolution for this brand. Philo is not only a talented designer who creates comfortable and sensuous clothes, she herself is one of the most stylish women in the world.

Her design provides comfort, such clothes as loose shirts, dresses, skirts, or wide trousers are common for Philo’s collections. Everyone wants to buy something trendy but not boring. In such case apparel from Phoebe Philo is a perfect solution. Clothes from her collections will look modern and fashionable five to ten years later! Talk about a good investment.

Céline. Photo credit Instagram: celine

Vivienne Westwood

The name of Vivienne Westwood is known by almost everyone.  She’s hands down one of the best fashion designers of this century and maybe even of all time. She is, without any doubts, one of the most extravagant designers nowadays. She is a symbol of rebellious English fashion, ostentation and experimentation.

In her collections, Westwood often blurs the line between gender normative boundaries, as seen by her 2017 collection. According to her, this little manipulation or obfuscation of gender in clothing makes people rethink the roles of men and women in the society.

If you like brave, stylish, daring outfit, Westwood collection is something that will suit you perfectly. There are also more moderate things that you can find, they still will differ from the crowd and look super extraordinary without losing its wearability.

 Vivienne Westwood. Photo credit Instagram: viviennewestwood
Vivienne Westwood. Photo credit Instagram: viviennewestwood

But not everyone can afford to deck themselves out with the newest or best fashion designers – maybe even just a handful of us, we’re looking at you Kim Kardashian. But you can always find great designer clothes with shops like BlueFly  or Neiman Marcus Last Call or Nordstrom Rack. There’s BlueFly Deals all the time for a lot of high-praised or in general, the best designers, so you don’t have to be a reality TV star or marry Kayne to dress well.

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