5 Dance Styles That Keep You Fit

Many people, especially women, dream about having an ideal body. But working out can sometimes feel more like a chore when it’s meant to be a loving act for yourself. That’s why we’ve compiled 5 dance styles to keep you fit! After all, dancing is not just fun, this is a serious workout. If you are tired of boring and monotonous fitness trainings and running tracks, then it is about time to try a dance class. Regular dance trainings will keep your body slim and fit. You can burn 200-800 kcal an hour by dancing, that’s not bad, right? Your coordination, reaction and flexibility will become better and better with every session. You will definitely improve your health during dance classes. Your respiratory system and heart will be strengthened, stamina will be improved, vessels will be cleared of cholesterol. Your mood will be better! Need even more reasons? You can have the body shape that you want, wear stylish and sexy clothes, and be proud of your flat belly. Here are 5 dance styles that can help you to come closer to your ideal body and improve health and well-being.


Probably many girls, watching Black Swan, were jealous of the beautiful Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis dancing like angels, having perfect bodies and being super flexible. Nothing is impossible and ballet classes can help to make your dream come true.

All dance styles are fun, but ballet is also a discipline. You cannot be lazy here and relax all the time. But remember about all the benefits that it brings you. Regular ballet training helps to improve posture, strengthen muscles, improve flexibility, and lose weight. Becoming older, little by little people loose their flexibility and there is a risk to have rheumatism, arthritis, and other diseases. Practicing ballet in your teenage years or as an adult, people strengthen their health and training will help to avoid a number of diseases in the future. Ballet is also a training for endurance. Doing squats and jumps during classes will make your muscles stronger and your body hardy. Muscles will be worked on every part of your body and therefore you will be fit and flexible.

dance styles - Freedom during ballet classes
Freedom during ballet dance

Belly dance

Belly dancing is one of the sexiest dance styles, which also helps to prolong women’s youth and attractiveness. Everyone has probably seen the perfomances of belly dancers, either on TV or live, and was fascinated by how flexible and elastic the dancers are! There’s a kind of magic coming from those women. Want to try? Do it! It’s not just a beautiful dance but also a way to keep you fit!

During this dance you can burn 300 kcal an hour, which is the path to losing weight. Belly dancing is also useful for the spine; back pain will be gone, and the spine will be more flexible. Movement coordination is very important. You can start practicing belly dance even if you are not in the perfect shape. This dance will improve your body step by step, and with every training you will be better at it! Belly dance will form the curves of your body. Leg muscles will be stronger because the hip movements in the dance are quite complicated, and it’s hard to train those muscles with some basic exercises.

As you can see, it is a very healthy dance style. If you continue dancing, you can perform on stage and have a super nice and sexy costume. And don’t forget about jewelry, in this dance you can’t put too much on. Actually, the more you have, the better!

dance styles - Belly dance
Belly dance


Another dance styles to keep you fit – salsa. It is ideal for those who want to have a perfect waist, belly and hips. Latin American dances are known for their impulsivity, positiveness, and passion. Shoulder girdle is trained constanlty by dancing salsa, that’s how your back will get more muscles and become the perfect shape.

It’s useful to move quickly and wildly, it improves not only your physiological state but also your mental state. Many people have lack of emotions and drive because of the stress and problems. Salsa can release your wild nature and make you feel more relaxed. Basically, salsa is kind of therapy that lets you get rid of routine and stress of everyday life. And as was mentioned above, weight is melting while dancing salsa. This is also important, especially now, before holidays, when you want to get desired shape and wear some fancy dress for the Christmas party. Fancy dress would also suit for dance classes because why not to look stunning while doing something great for your mind and body!

dance styles - Dance salsa with your partner!
Dance salsa with your partner!

Pole dance

Pole dancing is another very sexy dance style but it also requires a serious physical training. Hips and adductor muscles are getting much stronger during training. Arms and back get perfect relief, and the waist will get thinner. Stretching will help to become flexible. But pole dance is not only a physical training, this is a dance, art, creation. It helps to relax and to get rid of many complexes, as well as to improve the physical state. If you have such barriers as constraint or shyness, you should try pole dance. Not only will your problems be melting, but also extra kilos.

Pole dance is quite flowing – wavy movements made by arms and hips, and stretching, bending. At the same time, holding onto the pole requires strength which should not be seen by the audience. Everyone should think that it’s very easy to make the tricks on the pole. When you come to the training for the first time, maybe your dance skills are not so flowing like the professional dancers, but who knows, maybe you are the next professional dancer!

dance styles - Beautiful pole dance
Beautiful pole dance

Hip hop

Hip hop is a cheerful, lively, and energy consuming dance style. Dancing hip hop you can express your emotions, feelings, or protest, gain freedom through movements which comes from the deepest corners of your mind.

This dance has high jumps, sliding on the ground, quick change from wavy and slow movements to sharp and precise ones. This is not just a dance, this is a life style and a way for self-expression. If you feel young, no matter how old you are, if you are self-confident and daring, try hip hop by all means! Of course, such active dance is also useful for the health and body. Arms and legs are trained during the dance, as well as fine motor skills.

Many hip hop fans wear clothes that emphasizes their freedom: baggy pants, sneakers, hoodies, sweatshirts. If you like such style, you can combine both – dancing style and dressing like a real hip hop star.

dance styles - Hip hop dance and life style
Hip hop dance and life style

So that is our list of our favorite dance styles. You will need to be well rested if you are going to train hard though, so check out our list of tips and tricks to fall asleep!

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