6 November Fashion Trends You Should Know

Temperatures are finally dipping low enough to warrant breaking out the fall wear, but we’re not quite into the heart of winter yet. With several months of fall to go and chillier temperatures on the horizon you’ll have to start parting with your favorite pair of shorts and your collection of tank tops until spring rolls around again. It’ll come about sooner than you expect, don’t worry.

Until then, you’ll need to sort through your fall standbys and see what just won’t make the cut this year. Runway fashion trends are already on show and you can expect plenty of winter wear oddities to rear their curious heads soon, but in the meantime some of your potential November fashion trends can be stolen straight from the runway before anyone is any the wiser.

So what are the November Fashion Trends?

1) Sheath dresses

There’s something to be said about the little black dress in nearly every woman’s wardrobe and just how long-lasting a familiar fashion standby can cling to life. Sheath dresses offer some of the same benefits when it comes to hugging your frame and complimenting your body type yet adds the upside of cool weather adaptability for those who just can’t quite put up with short dress chills.

Sheath Dress Inspo

2) Gray suits

Suits aren’t going to fall out of business attire style any time soon, but a more masculine spin on this traditional look has popped up in fashion shows across the country for what feels like months. If a more rugged look isn’t your style you can still keep up with the times with something gray and striped even if it clings to your curves, though pantsuits definitely seem the way to go this year.

Female power | gray suit

3) Fun and quirky knits

Dressing up in a suit not exactly to your taste? Designers have been taking cues from your grandparent’s wardrobe and introducing the familiar comfort of knitted clothes with updated designs that bring them out of niche looks and into a realm of publicly applauded styles. As a bonus, knit sweaters go great with a pair of casual jeans or something a little dressier, giving you fine control over how your wardrobe stands out.

fun quirky knit

4) Dark, foreboding floral patterns

Spring is long past and we have to face the facts: Fall and winter are coming fast. The bright and upbeat floral prints we like to don as the weather changes just don’t feel quite as appropriate now that the leaves are beginning to turn and will soon litter the ground in their various unappealing shades of off-brown. As it turns out, your floral wear follows the same rules when it comes to November fashion trends. Go for something with a more muted look instead of flashy and bright, which is a stark departure from the September trends!

dark floral patterns

5) Metallic polish

Much like the trend for gray suits coming back into vogue, your more feminine looks will benefit from a metallic sheen or a nice silver polish, whichever strikes your fancy first. This is great news for anyone who wants to avoid plain colors in their suits or floral patterns but it might be a touch harder to match your sequined cocktail dress with your pantsuit. Combining looks may not be the best answer here. Our favorite place to restock on polish is Ulta.

Metallic nail polish

6) Sheer and mesh

You’ll want to layer up on the sheer when cool weather rolls around but you can still squeeze in a few weeks of wearing see-through clothing before it really starts to hurt. Staying at the forefront of November fashion trends means putting on a scarf and dealing with those goosebumps, after all. Fashion is pain!

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