The 10 Best Things About Fall

Okay, so we’re pretty much done with Fall. Hard to believe, isn’t it? It seems like we’ve spent half the month being drenched or facing down hurricanes and have just now started to acclimate to the familiar chill of Mother Nature preparing for the onset of winter. If you’re still not in the mood for seasonal fun, this collection of the best things about fall (attractions, fashions and treats) should help put a smile on your face.

Are you ready for the 10 Best Things About Fall?

1) Thanksgiving

What else would be number one in a “10 Best Things About Fall” countdown? Even if the year has been hectic, crummy or just a little off, Thanksgiving is the best time to let it all be pushed to one side and ignored for a day or two. You get the benefit of stuffing yourself to the gills with pumpkin pie, vegging out on the couch to catch a parade and even get to sit through the hundredth retelling of embarrassing family stories. At least it’s worth a day off.

Thankful for Turkey Day/ Thanksgiving

2) Sweaters

It’s nice to run around in shorts, but it’s doubly nice to be able to slip into a sweater and bundle up for the sake of feeling comfortable again. No more stressing about how we look in tightly-fitting clothing. You can even get away with going lax on shaving your legs for a while, which is always a fantastic boon. And in preparation for the winter chill, you can always scoop some hilariously ugly Christmas sweaters.

3) Hot Chocolate

You could drink it any old time but it just doesn’t feel right to have hot chocolate outside of the proper season. You can rest the blame for that on reruns of A Christmas Story repeatedly ensuring we drink our Ovaltine. Besides, there’s really no better way to warm up without kicking on the coffee maker, but you’ve probably spent most of the year sipping lattes anyway. Try something different this year! Embrace your childish inner whims and go for liquid chocolate goodness. For the calorie conscious, Idealshape makes a pretty mean hazelnut hot chocolate that’s only 10 calories.

cozy hot chocolate

4) Football Season

If you’re the sporting type, football season brings the siren song of cheap beer and rowdy fans to your television every year without fail. It’s a great time to pig out on hot wings without feeling too guilty about it even if you don’t keep up with the sport.

5) Halloween

For some, Halloween is the crown jewel of cold weather holidays and that’s hard to argue. No other holiday embraces the macabre and the outlandish quite as well as Halloween, making it a solid pick as the best fall holiday you’ll have if you don’t see the allure in a round table dinner with your in-laws. Besides, who doesn’t like dressing up every now and then?

6) Pumpkins

Everything is going to be pumpkin-related for the next few months no matter where you look. Pumpkin candles. Pumpkin pie. Pumpkin shortbread cookies. Pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin carving contests. Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins. They’re lucky they’re tasty or they wouldn’t get much use outside of pumpkin chucking contests.

All Pumpkin Everything – all hail the Pump-king

7) Rainy Days

Rain may be more hit and miss but there’s an immensely soothing feeling that comes with fall weather casting gray skies overhead, with wind whipping through the trees in just the right way. It invokes the imagination and helps us sleep at night, even if the cold rains might be a bit much to endure on the walk home from work. No season is perfect. It just might rain enough to give you a reason to join this year’s National Novel Writing Month, too.

8) Fall T.V. Shows

Most big-budget shows resume in the fall, which just so happens to coincide perfectly with the changing weather and gives you a real reason to bundle up and stay indoors more often. Some of you probably didn’t need that extra bit of a push to spend more time catching up on shows, but at least now you’ll have your coworkers chattering excitedly about their favorite shows, too. Also here’s a helpful word for you lovely binge-watchers, Roku – look it up.

binge watching netflix
binge watching netflix

9) Bonfires

Summer might tout the title of cookout weather, but bonfires are decidedly fall-friendly. There aren’t many contenders for best fall activities when it comes to staying outdoors but a roaring fire with something tasty to cook over it is a pretty easy win in nearly any book. There’s just something about sitting out under the stars when the air is nippy, sipping a hot toddy and gazing up at the sky to watch the clouds roll by as you cook up another batch of bratwursts.

10) It’s Not Christmas Season

Take a deep breath while you can. Once Thanksgiving passes we’ll be in full-on present buying mode, scrambling around from store to store trying to find the absolute best gift we can for that special someone in our life or just for our cherished family members. It’s probably going to be just as stressful as last year, so take a few moments to relax before it comes around again.

So there you have it – we’ve summed up, for what at least we consider, to be the 10 best things about fall. Feel free to leave a comment with your opinion, but only if it’s pumpkin-related of course.

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