Best Christmas Drinking Games

The holidays are fast approaching, and that means that the need to imbibe alcohol will soon be unbearable. Between gift-giving, that obnoxious ring of holiday cheer in the air, and potentially dealing with your awful blood relatives and/or in-laws, you may find yourself wanting to get absolutely, positively smashed. Well, my friends, you are in luck! We’ve put together a quick lost of the best Christmas drinking games around. Enjoy responsibly!

christmas drinking - santas hat

Santa’s Hat

This one’s a great way to spice up your favorite old Christmas films! All you need is your liquor of choice, a Santa hat, and a bunch of movies. Prop the hat up on the corner of your TV screen and start the movies. Every time a character “wears” the Santa hat by standing with their head in that corner of the screen, take a shot. You’ll be shocked by how frequently this one works!



christmas drinking - jingle bells

Jingle Shots

For all the carolers out there, here’s one that involves singing! Line up your shots, get together as many friends as you can, and start singing your favorite Christmas songs. One person sings one line, the next person sings the next line, and so on… ’til somebody can’t remember a line, or pauses for too long. They, of course, take a shot, and the game resumes at the same spot with the next person! This one’s especially good at getting everybody wasted if none of you are even remotely musically inclined.



christmas drinking - elf

Kris Kringle

Are you a smooth talker? Then here’s your game! Kris Kringle is a word game in which you sit in a circle and say “Kris Kringle” as quickly as you can. Every time somebody flubs the word, they have to take a drink! If a person speaks out of order, they have to take a drink. For an extra twist, anybody can say “Christmas Drinks” to reverse the order of play.



christmas drinking - grinch

Christmas Alphabet

Here’s another word game! There are two ways to play this one, depending on how difficult you want the game to be. The premise is simple: your first player starts with the letter A and gives a Christmas-themed word that starts with that letter. The next player does the same, but for the letter B, and you continue moving through the alphabet. If you want to make the game extra difficult, you can make each player recite the previous words from memory as you go! So the player giving a word starting with D would also have to repeat the words given for A, B and C.



christmas drinking - Kings cup

King’s Cup

This game is actually just a staple drinking game that doesn’t necessarily have to be played at Christmas time, but will still work perfectly for the occasion! It’s a drinking game played with a deck of cards, in which each card is assigned a specific rule. When you draw that card, you perform whatever task is agreed upon! Of course, there are a thousand different sets of rules on the internet, and you can even substitute for your own rules whenever you feel like it! You’ll want to be careful with King’s Cup, though: of all the drinking games that people regularly enjoy, it’s one of the easiest to find yourself absolutely smashed on, so it’s a good idea to pace yourself and know when to bow out of the game!



There you have it! Our list of the best Christmas drinking games for the upcoming holiday. We hope you enjoyed the list, and make sure to drink responsibly! Oh, and if possible, always have a designated driver. Happy holidays!

Author: Billie Hauk

24-year-old Tennessee local yokel, part-time LGBTQ+ journalist and blogger.

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