Gift Ideas for Art Lovers

Christmas time is gift time. Choosing a gift for someone, it is important to take into account his/her interests and hobbies. The most interesting and valuable presents are the ones that are given to someone with a clear idea of what the person needs. We have chosen some gift ideas for art lovers. If you have some friends who are for really art obsessed, here are some hints & tips!

Gift Ideas – Framed prints

Prints are modern and stylish solution for the interior and for art lovers. The print can represent some painting of a famous artist, a graphical image, or a philosophical or motivational quote. Depending on what your friend prefers, choose the print which suits them the best! There are prints with abstract art, impressionism, photography, graphic design, or anything you can imagine.

The print could be of any size. If you know that the person has a big appartment, then it’s possible to choose a bigger print too. If the place is small, then a couple of smaller prints will find their place in a flat on the shelf or on the wall, for sure.



gift ideas - Print in the interior
Print in the interior


gift ideas - Framed painting
Framed painting



Gift Ideas – Original jewelry

This is always a good idea to give some jewelry as a present to a woman, but there are plenty of choice for men too. Another idea for the gift is jewelry with art print on it, or the one in unordinary shape. The choice is quite wide: pendant, bracelet, ring, earrings, cufflinks, tie clip, or necklace. If you want something funny, it could be a pendant in the shape of a donut or some fruit.

gift ideas - Pendant in donut shape
Pendant in donut shape


It’s also an option to choose a necklace or a pendant, or earrings with a print of some artist’s work, usually you can find such things in museum shops or online shops.

gift ideas - Earrings with Van Gogh print. Photo credits: FandomLoversUnite on
Earrings with Van Gogh print. Photo credits: FandomLoversUnite on

Same for cufflinks, there are many of them that are designed with the print of an artist work and for sure the one who gets such a gift will be happy as a clam!

gift ideas - Cufflinks with Monet print. Photo credit: RosettaLondon on
Cufflinks with Monet print. Photo credit: RosettaLondon on


Gift Ideas – Instant camera

There are so many gadgets for making photos nowadays – smartphones, digital cameras, even smart watches. All of them are digital though. If you want a real photo that you can touch and put into the album, there is a solution – an instant camera. And believe it or not, most art lovers would fall in love with such a gift! Some art loving people have a nostalgia to such cameras, some want to be trendy. No matter what reasons they have – you know what to give them as a gift! The instant photos are unique and artistic, you don’t need to put much effort to make them special because they are special just by being instant! One of the most popular instant cameras is Fujifilm Instax Mini. This camera is small and light, and has different colors. If you need to give a present to a girl, you can choose a pink Instax camera, if to a guy – a black or brown one. This gift will be really off the chain for any party!

gift ideas - Instax camera for creative photos
Instax camera for creative photos


Gift Ideas – Books about art

Any art lover would adore a book about his favourite painter or photographer, or painting genre. Such gift will be memorable and will make the present receiver happy. Nowadays, when there are plenty of electronic devices and different kind of gadgets, the book is really a special gift. Art lovers are usually creative personalities, so they will appreciate such gift by all means.

There are many books about art in every museum shop and bookstore. Your task is to decide which one to choose. It can be a book about a certain genre of art, an epoch with the description of arts it had during that period, or a book about an artist. It is nice to hold a book in the evening by a cup of tea or a glas of wine, and enjoy your favourite art. If you want your friend or relative to jump for joy, give them a book about art they love!

gift ideas - Books as a gift
Books as a gift


Gift Ideas – Frames

It’s a great idea to make a gift to the art lover by giving him a frame. It could be photo frame or frame for paintings, if you know that the person is painting and needs some nice frames for his art. As to photo frame, this gift cannot be wrong. Almost everyone has favourite photos, especially art lovers. You can put a photo in a frame or make a photo collage if the frame is big enough. The frames are so different, it could be a simple wooden frame, a vintage frame, funny frame with cute animals or fruits, or a family tree frame. You can even try to make a frame by yourself, you just need some fantasy for it, and a bit of free time. Art lovers would be incredibly happy to get a handmade gift!

gift ideas - Exclusive photo frames
Exclusive photo frames


Gift Ideas – Painting supplies

World around us is beautiful and picturesque, especially for the art lovers. If a person whom you prepare a gift is an artist or a hobby artist, it makes sense to choose something to help this person to create! There are plenty of supplies for the artists: easels, map-cases, sandpaper, brushes, different kinds of paper, and many other equipment that helps to create a masterpiece.

There are also sets for artists, it will suit the art lover perfectly. The sets are very different. You can choose the one with painter’s case and oil paints.


gift ideas - Paints for art lovers!
Paints for art lovers!


Gift Ideas – Artwork Mug

It may seem an ordinary gift but the mug is quite practical thing! Besides, with the favorite artwork or print of the person you give it to, the mug becomes a nice object in interior as well. There are plenty of mugs which have different prints on it, so it won’t be difficult to find something for the art lover. Either a photography or an artwork of the famous painter – the choice is really wide. Beautiful print on the mug is cool but you can enlarge the present and add a box of tea or coffee to the mug, or chocolates, depending on what the art lover prefers.

The mug could be also in an interesting shape or made in authentic or vintage style. Clay mugs are quite popular among art lovers. A new cup that looks like an old-school mug from your granny is super trendy!

gift ideas - Mug for cozy winter evenings
Mug for cozy winter evenings



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