Pitch Perfect 3: Why we’re excited

Back in the day, a trip to a movie theater was referred to as “going to watch a show”. All these years later, The Pitch Perfect series have taken that expression to a new level with something for every member of the audience. That’s why we decided to delve a little deeper into exploring our deep affinity for this aca-awesome movie; needless to say, we’re excited AF for Pitch Perfect 3. 

A Pitch Perfect Recap

When we met Beca as a reluctant college freshman, she was looking for a quick exit to the DJ career that was waiting for her in Los Angeles. Her dad insisted that she try becoming a part of a group of some sort on campus for one year. He convinced her by promising to finance her move at the end of the year if she still wanted to leave college. She soon discovers the Barden Bellas, an all female a cappella singing ensemble in need of fresh talent.  Beca manages to shake things up by introducing new ideas to modernize and energize the music and moves of the Bellas. It took some convincing but soon everyone was on board and determined to rise to the top again by winning the nationals.

In Perfect Pitch and Perfect Pitch 2,The Bellas took us along on all of their adventures and mishaps. They provided laughter, a few tears and a soundtrack for our lives. While their personalities are wildly diverse and their opinions sometimes clash, when the Bellas open their mouths to sing, nothing but pure harmony emerges. As their senior year came to an end, we said good-bye to Beca, Fat Amy, Emily, and all the rest.

What a Pitch can expect in the 3rd movie

Pitch Perfect 3 will be in theaters soon, bringing back most of the original cast to once again whisk us away to their world of music and mayhem, laughter and tears. Having gone their separate ways after graduation, the Bellas soon discover that real life isn’t as easy as college. Duh. They want to make a living by entertaining people with their talent, but as many artist know, this can be downright impossible.

The working world, it turns out, could be downright unfriendly at times, and quite often dull and boring. Were they really ready to ‘adult’? The answer for all of them was a resounding No! So when they saw a chance to come together once again and make their indescribable magic with music, they were thrilled.

What could possibly be more exciting than competing in the World A Cappella Tournament and actually winning? Entertaining the soldiers who work so hard to keep our country safe, of course. The Bellas were offered the chance to do just that by joining a USO troupe on its way overseas. We will get to go along on this journey with them and share in all of the incredible highs as well as the inevitable lows along the way.

The excitement is growing as the time draws nearer. Will the girls be the same or have they changed with time and maturity? Where has life taken them up to this point? Do any of them have a serious love interest? Is Amy still Fat Amy and is she still hilarious? Will any of them fall in love with a soldier? Can their music still lift us up and stay in our heads, demanding to be sung, for weeks? The exuberance that we felt watching the first two Pitch Perfect movies will surely return as we reunite with the Bellas in Pitch Perfect 3.

The More You Know

The Pitch Perfect series is inspired by Mickey Rapkin’s book “Pitch Perfect: The Quest for Collegiate A Cappella Glory”. He spent an entire season studying the a cappella groups competing at the college level.  He wrote about all the different aspects of the competitions and the people they encountered along the way, from groupies to rabid rivals. He captured the good, the bad, and the harmony. As his words and fascinating characters come to life on the big screen, we get to share in all of his discoveries from his time with the collegiate competitors. The most rewarding could be the mesmerizing sound of many voices melting into one symphony.

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How to Prepare

  1. Call your besties
  2. stuff your purse, oversized sweatpants, Christmas sweater, UGG boots full of snacks
  3. Get your tickets in advance to avoid lines with either Fandango, movietickets.com or from your closet movie theater
  4. Sing your damn heart out and enjoy yourself!

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