Gifts For Dad That Aren’t Just Socks

Gift-giving can be easy peasy for your friends and partners, right? You’re probably about the same age, you likely have a lot of shared interests. Besides that, you have an open dialogue with your friends: you talk about the things that you like, stuff that you’re excited about. For a lot of people, though, that may not be the case with your parents. Maybe you don’t communicate like you should with the ‘rents, or maybe they’re just doing super well and you can’t think of what to get for them! Dads, in particular, can be an absolute nightmare to shop for. Ties? Golf clubs? The dreaded socks? Not this year! We’ve put together a list of the best gifts for dad that aren’t just socks!

What about other clothes?

Socks are off the table—but that doesn’t mean dad doesn’t need to fill out his wardrobe! If your old man is still wandering around in the jorts he bought in ’75, it might be time to get dad some fresh new pants that were sewn together in this millennium, don’t you think? Better yet, we all know what dads love: house robes. Get papa a nice satin robe to wear when he’s smoking a pipe in front of a roaring fire and he’s sure to love you forever! Which will be reassuring, since he was probably kind of on the fence before.

gifts-dad-arent-just-socks Clothing


When you were visiting your folks last, did you notice that one of the tooth brushes in the bathroom was a little… dated? Maybe it’s the perfect time to invest in a sick new electric tooth brush for dad! Alternatively, you might get dad a wonderful new themed towel. Those are a thing, for some reason! Surely your dad’s in love with some fandom—Star Wars, Star Trek, whatever—and boy you better believe they make a towel for it. Consumerist culture has its perks, I guess.

gifts-dad-arent-just-socks Barber


If daddy’s a big fan of any famous musician, you can bet there’s a really awesome biography or autobiography about them on the market. Most of these are pretty cheap, too, since nobody really wants to read them—so you can score extra points and get dad a dozen celebrity biographies! That’ll keep him busy ’til next Christmas, hopefully.

gifts-dad-arent-just-socks Biography

Some sort of exercise equipment

Has the old man embraced the “dad bod” just a little too much? If mom’s been griping about dad’s flab lately, there are a thousand and one home exercise machines you can pick up for your dearest dad. You might consider a few sets of free weights, though you want to be careful not to undershoot on the poundage, lest your father suspect that you think he’s a fragile old man. There are also pull-up bars if dad’s triceps are looking a little lackluster. You could also go whole hog and get him a full machine—assuming he’s got the space to store it! Look, it doesn’t really matter either way; whatever piece of exercise equipment you get for daddy is just gonna sit around gathering dust ’til he accidentally regifts it to you in like three or four years.

gifts-dad-arent-just-socks Gym Equipment

If your dad’s extremely boring, consider puzzles and board games!

If your father wears slacks and polos every waking hour, has had grey hair since his early 30s, and is named Eugene—but everybody at the Lodge calls him Gene—it’s time to face facts and accept that your dad is less interesting than a hollowed out dead tree. As such, board games and/or puzzles are a spectacular gift! If you really want to upset mom or stump dad for months to come, consider a board game that has a super obnoxious amount of rules and takes like 10 hours to play once, or maybe a 5,000 piece puzzle that he’ll be staring at ’til he retires! The sky’s the limit with this gift, and if you’re really broke (or cheap) there are plenty of classic board games that fit into a broke (or cheap) youngster’s budget.
gifts-dad-arent-just-socks Boardgames
Well, that’s settled! Five fantastic, festive gift ideas for your fun-loving, fearless father to enjoy! We hope you found this list useful, and have a happy holiday!

Author: Billie Hauk

24-year-old Tennessee local yokel, part-time LGBTQ+ journalist and blogger.

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