10 Travel Instagrams to Obsess Over

Do you wish you had the time, energy and money to skip out on your desk job and travel the world? Of course you do! Jet setting across the globe, seeing the most beautiful sights that every country has to offer—both man-made and naturally occurring—is surely near the top of everybody’s bucket list.

The unfortunate reality is that it’s not the simplest of things to do. We often live complicated lives that require us to live, work and socialize in the same geographic region—and that means “seeing the world” goes out the window.

But despair not! It’s the 21s century, and we’ve got the wonders of technology to bring the beauty of the world to us when we can’t go out to see it. To that end, there are thousands of travel-based Instagram accounts on the web that you can live vicariously through. We’ve put together a list of the ten best travel Instagrams to obsess over!

10 Travel Instagrams for your viewing pleasure


Christian McLeod

Christian is a west coast-based travel photographer—among other things—whose Instagram account gives us a sneak peek into the hidden beauty of North America. Christian also travels a lot and posts plenty of pictures of his exploits abroad.

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Anyone know their spirit animal?

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Allan Dixon

Fancy yourself a fan of the outback? Sure you do—what’s not to love? Well, aside from the horde of ravenous, poisonous and venomous spiders, snakes and creepy crawlies occupying Southeast Asia. Allan Dixon’s photo journal of his travels across Australia, however, are an excellent way to enjoy the beauty of the country from afar—and to enjoy a rather adorable Aussie at the same time!


TravelDaveUK—oft bundled up in his signature blue beanie—is one of the most excellent travel Instagrams if you’re looking for gorgeous candid shots of the United Kingdom’s breathtaking countryside.

Globetrotting Ginger Travel

Globetrotting Ginger Travel—operated by the fiery-haired Aubrie—is another of the great travel Instagrams that show you the wild, beautiful nature of the United States! She often focuses on pictures of her state of residence, Utah, but fret not: Aubrie travels across the whole world, as her name implies.

Say… does anybody else have a craving for Wendy’s now?

VuTheara Kham

Hoping to see some beautiful pictures of Parisian attractions and the French countryside? VuTheara’s your best bet! These ethereal photos of France—undeniably one of the most gorgeous places in the world—will take your breath away.

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Paris in the Rain ☔

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Matthias Derhake

Matthias considers himself a citizen of the world, and is a huge fan of slow travel. As a result, his pictures of the places he visits often capture considerably more detail than other travel bloggers.

Travel Tom Tom

Tom’s been traveling since December of 2012, and he’s visited a staggering 80 countries in that time! He has a natural talent for photography, and some of his shots are so otherworldly that you’ll hardly believe they’re pictures of real places.

There you go! 10 travel Instagrams to play voyeur with. We hope you enjoy them, and that they inspire you to add a little extra adventure to your own life!
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