5 Creative Drinking Games For Super Bowl Sunday

Woo, here we go! Game day is almost upon us, and when you and your friends and family are all crowded around the TV, cheering and screaming, all you want to add to that mixture is an unreasonable amount of alcohol! If you’re looking to get sloshed on Sunday and scream at your friends as you never have before, we’ve got a list of five creative Super Bowl drinking games for you to check out!

Super bowl drinking games

Drink & Shot List

For starters, here’s a short list of drink and shot worthy events:

Take a drink pre-game if you’re: watching the Puppy Bowl, and—subsequently—if anybody aww’s at an adorable puppy.

Once the game starts, take a drink if: someone says “fly, eagles, fly”; whenever Deflate Gate is mentioned; if the coin lands on tails for the coin toss; whenever Tom Brady executes a QB sneak; whenever a field goal is made or missed; or whenever there’s a fumble or interception.

CHUG if Justin Timberlake causes a wardrobe malfunction; take a shot for every defensive touchdown; take a shot for every 50 yards Tom Brady passes.

And finally, post-game, take a shot every time somebody kisses the Vince Lombardi trophy!

Gameplay Bets

Now for some random chance! Consider making friendly drink wagers between you and your friends for questions like:

What color hoodie will Belichick wear?

Which player on which team will score first for their team?

Will Tom Brady wear a bandage on his right hand?

Will Donald Trump attend the game?

The length of Pink’s performance of the national anthem.

Will either team score three times in a row during the game?

And so on!

super bowl drinking games

Hat Trick

This is the same premise as one of our previously proposed Christmas drinking game! Take a baseball cap with each team’s logo on it and prop the cap in the corner of your screen. Every time sideline footage makes it look like somebody on screen is wearing the cap, take a shot! You’ll definitely wanna bust these out during half-time and the pre-game interviews, since most of the gameplay footage will, of course, be overhead.

super bowl drinking games

Advertisement Drink List

Here’s another drink list, this time geared towards the archetypal Super Bowl commercials we tend to see every year! With that in mind, take a drink every time you see:

A super duper patriotic American car commercial
A cowboy
A talking, dancing or singing animal
Bizarre commercials that have absolutely nothing to do with the product that they’re trying to sell to you
Go Daddy using food or sex appeal to get you to buy your own website
A hashtag in a commercial
A reference to ’80s or ’90s pop culture
A baby that can talk
or Pepsi or Coke throwing shade at one another.

For a real game changer, finish your drink every time a commercial comes on for a product that you’re currently consuming—whether that’s beer, soft drinks, chips or any other food!

Attached at the Hip

If you’re looking for a great pre-game ice breaker, here’s your best bet—especially if your Super Bowl party isn’t particularly concerned with the actual Super Bowl!

Write body parts on slips of paper, then mix them up in a pile and break players into random (or not so random?) pairs. Each duo is assigned one body part and must keep those body parts “attached” to each other for as long as they can. Every time one part of the duo separates, they must take a shot!

Done and dusted! Five creative Super Bowl drinking games that are sure to have you staggering before the second half of the game! We hope you have fun, and remember to DRINK RESPONSIBLY! No drinking and driving! Always make sure you have a designated driver!

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