Why Galentine’s Day Can Be Better Than Valentine’s Day

“Galentine’s Day” became a popular term after an episode of Parks and Recreation in which a character played by Amy Poehler dedicates a day to partying with her female friends. On the show, the party is held on February 13th to celebrate the strength of female friendships. Since the Galentine’s Day episode of the show first aired in 2010, more and more women are recognizing Galentine’s Day. Indeed, Galentine’s Day can be more fun than Valentine’s Day.

6 Reasons G-Day Rules

6. Female Empowerment
Traditionally, Valentine’s Day has always been an enjoyable holiday for women with a husband or boyfriend to share it with. Single women have often felt left out and undesirable, especially when alone on Valentine’s Day.
However, Galentine’s Day allows all women, single or not, to celebrate themselves. On Galentine’s Day, it does not matter if a person is in a relationship. The holiday teaches women that maintaining female friendships is just as important as maintaining romantic relationships.

5. Learning to Feel Less Alone
Galentine’s Day allows single women to go out and spend time with other people. This may help prevent women from throwing a solitary pity party or feeling alone on Valentine’s Day. The support gained from other women is intended to help a woman feel that she is special and has a strong support group.

A queen slaying her independence

4. No Fake Gratitude
Traditional Valentine’s Day gifts include flowers and candy. If a woman is lucky, she’ll get something that sparkles. However, these gifts put a lot of pressure on the giver to pick out something special, attractive and expensive.

This also puts pressure on the receiver of the gift because the receiver must be grateful or pretend to be grateful for a gift he or she may not love. However, on Galentine’s Day, women don’t feel pressured to buy gifts for their girl friends. The gift is in the friendship.


Beautiful flowers; who needs ’em? And if you do, buy them for yourself empowered woman!

3. Gag Gifts
If you do decide to exchange gifts with your female friends on Galentine’s Day, you could always set a price limit or decide to exchange gag gifts. Buying inexpensive gifts relieves the pressure of feeling the need to buy something perfect.

Gag gifts are funny, and the receiver of the gift is not required to respond in an inauthentic way. If the gag gift is a piece of crap, tell her so, and have a good laugh about it.


Honestly, this toy pig is kindddd of cute.

2. Abandon Aesthetic Beauty
On Valentine’s Day many women feel the need to dress up and take extra care with hair and makeup. Some women feel pressure to look attractive for a significant other or to dress up to impress other women. On Galentine’s Day women should feel less pressure to dress up. In fact, some friends may choose to throw a house party and only wear comfortable clothes.

You could celebrate Galentine’s Day 2018 by throwing a party at which you outlaw heels and formal dresses. If everyone is dressed casually, this helps discourage women from competing with each other. If you’re feeling extra confident, you could even outlaw makeup and go barefoot. The key is that you and your gal pals make the rules and agree on a style of dress everyone is comfortable with.


You don’t need a damn thing to be beautiful.

1. Celebrate Your Strengths
Another suggestion for a fun G-Day party is to spend time with friends by doing something you are all good at. For instance, if everyone in your circle of friends enjoys photography, take a walk around a scenic spot and take pictures of each other and also of landmarks. If you are all interested in painting pictures or in reading books, use your time to paint or discuss a book you all read recently.

Celebrate your interests collectively!

Another way to celebrate is to make your G-Day celebration a positive vibes zone. Have each gal pal talk about something she has accomplished recently. This could be something as small as having a positive interaction with a co-worker, or the accomplishment could be something more impactful like completing a project at work.

Instead of worrying over what has gone wrong in your lives recently, support one another. If a friend begins to complain, remind her that you are all gathered to celebrate.


We’re friend-centered for this holiday

The writers of Parks and Recreation may have been unaware of the phenomenon they would create by using the term “Galentine’s Day.” However, Amy Poehler and the writers should be given credit for popularizing the term and giving women so many possibilities for ways to spend Galentine’s Day 2018.

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