5 Photo Editing Apps for Your Smartphone

Since most of us have smartphones nowadays, we now, by default have our own photography accouterments on hand. People love taking photos; from selfies and food photos, to landscapes and street photos. But even the most skilled among us still falls privy to taking less than IG-worthy photos. Hey, even professional photographers have some unsuccessful shots. That’s why photo editing apps are so helpful! Even a super good and new camera doesn’t guarantee that the photos would be ideal. There are many different aspects that influence the success of the photographs.

Your standard camera in your smartphone has already a basic set of instruments for editing. But often that’s not enough. That’s why we chose 5 photo editing apps for your smartphone, so that you could take your photography game to the next level in no time.


This app offers instruments for photo editing, including exposition correction, color and sharpness change, crop, and many other options. There are also many color filters that would make the picture black and white (if it previously wasn’t), filters with different textures, blur effect, and color range.

Snapseed will be easy to use for PhotoShop professionals but not only for them! Those of you, who’ve never tried any photo editorial softwares or apps, would also feel comfortable using this app. Trying different functions like double exposure effect, noir, grain, or color correction will help you learn by doing!  One of the advantages of SnapSeed is that it defines the genre of the photo, let’s say, portrait or landscape, and offers you different tools and effects for editing this photo.


Another popular and almost perfect app which also has a variety of filters (more than fifty) for photos, as well as different instruments for editing. VSCO has a function to emulate films both classical and modern ones. There are filters which help to fade the photos with softer color ranges – super on trend with avid IGers.

There is an opportunity to make corrections on the photo very detailed. You can change the exposition of the image, as well as contrast and position. It is possible to crop the image, turn it diagonally and vertically, add some sharpness or transparency, or saturation to image colors, add or delete shadows, adjust skin color if there are people on the photo, add some grain effect, or make the image smoother.

It’s not super difficult to learn all the functionalities VSCO offers, just try it for a couple of days and you will learn a lot and be a pro within a few tries!


Many photo editing apps are good, but Mextures is one of the best. This app offers a wide range of textures which you can mix and match. This app really allows you to showcase your creative side. You can play around and create your own editing style.

Mextures could be used both on iPhone or iPad, which makes the working process even more convenient, since the screen of the iPad is bigger and you can work with fine textures and smaller details.

There is unlimited number of layers in Mextures, so you can experiment with the image infinitely. There are many effects and filters emblematic of  professional photography. It is easy to add some grainy film effect to your image just with couple of clicks. But the effects are not limited to the grain imitation only. By using the layers, it’s possible to lay different textures to the photo, change its transparency and gradient, add some light effects, and many more opportunities to change the photo. There are more than hundred textures which are created based on the pattern of real photo films.

All the manipulations are made very quickly, and if you need to rewind on some changes you made, there is a cancel option — whew.


This is one of the simpliest photo editor apps you can use. Here you can easily and quickly add some effects and filters, edit photos, and improve them the way you want.

PhotoDirector offers a huge choice of instruments for editing the images. It is possible to delete some objects from the photos, set saturation, correct the color, even add HDR effect.

This app is really for fast corrections and editing. The instruments are effective and simple. For changing color range and white balance correction you need RGB settings. Such settings as brightness, light, exposition, and contrast could be easily changed with the help of a slider. It’s a breeze to crop and turn the photos. You will get really cool results working with this app and will be happy with the outcome.


One more useful app for editing your photos is Darkroom. Just couple of steps and your photo will be changed! It helps to choose the right filter and to see the story of making changes. The set of instruments in Darkroom is quite standard though. It offers a crop of photos in different proportions, correction of exposition, brightness, saturation, and color, as well as many filters for editing the image.

The app saves the history of your changes, where you can find all the steps you used to craft your masterpiece. It’s possible to create your own filters here, so you have some space for creativity again.

Of course, there are many apps for editing the images and it is better to try several ones and to find the one (or two, or three, or even more) which work the best for you. Pretend to be a photographer and indulge your creative side; take pics of whatever your heart desires, share your works in Instagram, and get a positive feedback. Photo editing apps will definitely help you achieve that!


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