8 Memes to Put a Spring in Your Step

Winter is over and with a new season comes new and funny memes. Whenever there is a big event or happening in the news, there are always new and funny memes that crop up as a result. Here are some of the best memes to put a spring in your step.

8. Mark Zuckerberg Isn’t Human

One of the funniest memes circulating the internet right now is the theory that Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg isn’t human. Whether he’s an alien, a secret lizard person, or a robot; memes have been circulating showing “proof” that Zuckerberg isn’t a human being and trying to interact with regular people.

7. Klay Thompson’s NBA All-Star Photo

When NBA All-Star weekend came around, there were a few memeable moments such as Fergie’s National Anthem or dunk contest reaction gifs. However, one moment that stood out above the rest happened during a photo shoot featuring Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson. While Durant, Curry, and Green are all close together and smiling, Thompson is veering off to the left, seemingly facing away from the rest of the group. This has since resulted in tons of memes of what he was thinking and why he thought it was a good idea to turn away from his teammates.


6. Elon Musk and His Love for Rockets

When it came to launching the latest SpaceX rocket into space, CEO Elon Musk didn’t know he was also launching one of the most recent funniest memes. Soon after the amazing rocket launch, memes began popping up using a screenshot of Musk staring at the rocket with funny tag lines such as, “Get yourself a man that looks at you the way Elon Musk looks at rockets.”

Elon Musk’s priceless reaction to the successful Falcon Heavy launch from r/pics

5. Kim Kardashian’s Giant Suit

Celebrity Kim Kardashian recently hit the streets of Los Angeles wearing what some on the internet are calling a “bad fashion choice.” Numerous posters on the internet are pointing out that her outfit appears to be two…or three…or four sizes too big. Using pictures from her night out, memes have began appearing comparing her to pictures of Nathan Fielder from Nathan For You in a giant suit, as well as children dressed in clothes too big for them.

4. Guy Fieri’s New Look

A creative meme that has begun popping up recently is taking a photo of memeable chef Guy Fieri and photoshopping him to give him a normal look. Whether it’s as a car salesman, a banker, or just an office worker; Guy Fieri has never looked so mundane.

Got bored and decided to un-douche Guy Fieri with Photoshop. Wanted to share the results.

3. Bill Gates Doesn’t Know How Much Stuff Costs

After a recent appearance on the Ellen Show, Microsoft founder Bill Gates became one of the best memes to hit the market. During his appearance Gates played a game in which he had to guess how much things cost at the supermarket. Since then, images have shown up with Gates’ face and regular household products depicting the billionaire saying they cost much, much, MUCH more than they typically do.

Bill Gates is Lucille Bluth from r/funny

2. Expectations vs. Reality

A creative meme that has been hitting the internet recently is the idea of Expectations versus Reality. What these funny memes consist of is comparison pictures of product stock images and how the product they’re depicted online against what the product is consumers actually receive. One thing this meme has proved for sure is that you don’t always get what you pay for.

My sister got that guacamole chicken from McDonalds. They F’d it up.

1. United Kingdom KFC Shortage

After the United Kingdom was hit by a surprise shortage of KFC chicken, the internet went wild with memes. From interviews popping up from news broadcasts with customers saying they, “should have just gone to Burger King!” to the trending topic of “#WheresMyChicken,” the internet has been having a field day at the chain restaurant’s expense.

The Verdict

These are just a few of the memes circulating the internet right now. But the internet is an ever changing, fast paced landscape and more and more memes are being created by the minute. One thing is for certain, whether they’re good or bad, there are plenty more memes to come.

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