6 Cheap Tips For College Kids

If you’re a young, up-and-coming entrepreneur or successful professional—that is to say, a kid still struggling to make ends meet while you bumble through your post-secondary academic experience—you know how damn hard it can be to juggle school, work and play. Even if your parents are helping you out financially, it can be difficult to scratch up enough dough to pay your bills while enjoying some measure of a social life.

For you sad, struggling academics, we’ve put together a list of six cheap tips for college kids. Follow our advice, and you’ll be saving greenbacks in no time—and then diverting them to worthy causes like drinks and tickets!

Cut out the impulse purchases

No more snacks or drinks on the side! We know it’s hard to ignore the urge to pick up fast-food after class lets out, or enjoy a beer or two after a long day at work, but if you want to save money you’re gonna have to cut out those impulse buys.

Oh, and while we’re at it, do NOT shop with an empty stomach! If you do, you’re sure to wind up with ten pounds of ice cream and potato chips before you’ve even picked out the essentials.

Pay your bills on time

What’s worse than a big pile of staggering bills? The late fees attached to missing a payment! There’s nothing quite like tacking an extra $25 or %50 onto a bill because you didn’t manage to pay it on time. Oh, and be sure to avoid auto-withdrawals as much as you can! Or, at the very least, keep a list of your active auto-withdrawals. You don’t want to wind up overdrawing your account and paying a huge fee because you forgot that the Netflix payment was due.

In particular, make sure to keep your credit cards paid off! Using interest to build credit is a great idea, but if you miss too many payments you might find yourself wishing you had never applied for the card. Remember, bad credit can follow you for the rest of your life!

Rent your books, or buy them secondhand

Nobody can afford the collegiate book racket! Half of ’em are written by your professors, anyway—that’s a shameless cash grab if we’ve ever seen one—and you’re only gonna use those books for one semester, anyway. Fret not, though! You can pick up those books on the cheap at various outlets that resell used books, or through rental companies like Chegg that offer great rates on temporary use.

Consider roommates

We know you may have just escaped the womb and long to have perfect independence… but that’s not always the economic choice. Or, rather, it never is. If you want to cut your bills in half—or even lower—you’re probably gonna want to get an apartment near campus and split the rent and utilities with a roomie or two.

If you’re attending college in the same town as your parents, you might also consider staying at home. It would be polite to pay rent—or at least help out with chores and food money—but your parents are probably gonna cut you a better deal than anybody else will.

Take advantage of your student discount

If you live in a college town, odds are quite a few local outlets offer student discounts. Make sure to take advantage of these! If you can shave a few dollars off on your coffee, groceries or what have you, why not bust out that student ID?

Show up to your classes

This might seem like an obvious answer—but if you pay attention to the occupancy of your classes, you might notice that not everybody follows this advice! Listen: you’ve paid for the classes, you may as well show up to them. If you don’t, you’re wasting both your money and your time on something that you don’t even care about. Show up, do the work, and you’ll thank yourself in a few years.

That’s that! Six cheap tips for college to save students a buck! We hope you heed our advice and make the most of your money every semester. You can save even more with our coupons and discounts at Wonderdealz.com!

Author: Billie Hauk

24-year-old Tennessee local yokel, part-time LGBTQ+ journalist and blogger.

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