6 Fun Services You Need in Your Life

In the age of all things delivered, why not jump on the monthly subscription boxes train? From wine of the month clubs, to organic ingredients, to beauty goodies and freebies; it’s hard to find a genre that’s not covered. Tired of braving awful weather? Or dealing with humans in general? Or just want a monthly subscription box tailored to your unique self? Then you’re in the right blog-o-sphere. We’re counting down our favorite monthly subscription packages you need in your life!


For the sophisticated soul that still loves to have fun and live a little!

We have some of the best monthly subscription boxes including everything you hate running to the store for! The first service will do nothing less than impress you with the latest gadgets and keep you at a high level of living. The Breo box is a seasonal box that features a new set of lifestyle products from the Amazon Echo Dot to Nectar polarized sunglasses. If you live a fast paced life but you still want the latest products on the market without spending time in the store, this is the best delivery box for you. It includes individual items from high quality lines that value significantly higher than the overall price of the box. Stay up to date with the latest in The Breo box!Check out The Breo Box!…

subscription boxes - breobox example
Our next stop in sophisticated living is the Saloon Box. The Saloon Box features a monthly box of craft cocktail recipes for the host in you. This is when leaving the sofa starts to get fun! This box comes with spirits and liqueurs for as many as 4+ cocktails. The best part is your recipe cards can last you a lifetime! With each box you get new seasonal recipes that you can add to your collection of fun cocktails. Whether you’re just getting home after a long day’s work or hosting an intimate evening with friends, The Saloon Box is one of the best monthly subscription boxes for you! Subscribe Here!
subscription box - salloonbox

Who loves fashion? We do! Here’s to the stylist that we all wish we could be!

If you love to look great but aren’t really sure what clothes to buy this is the best delivery service for you. Stitch Fix is the fun stylist for the everyday girl! Stitch Fix is a monthly delivery box that sends fashion straight to your doorstep. All you have to do is pay a $20 styling fee and answer a few detailed questions about your lifestyle and loves. Then your personally tailored box will be at your home, every single month. You can expect clothing, shoes and accessories. This is for the petite, plus size or even maternity! Keep in mind, this is not only for the ladies, gentlemen can also get their fashion on point at Stitch Fix. Get started today!

Subscription box - Clothing

Now for the yoga and fitness fanatic!

If you love to hit the gym but can’t seem to find fashionable performance wear, look no further than Fabfitfun! This box valued at $200+ each time can be dropped right at your doorstep for as little as $49.99. Now that’s what you call a fab deal, fit for fun! You’re already fabulous so why not live a little with products you love. Get your customized box every 3 months. With this membership you even get to tune into the FabfitfunTV and connect with other fun members. Get your membership started!
Subscription box - fabfitfun
Time for fashion and yoga with Fabletics. This monthly subscription box brings you leggings galore! You will never need to shop for fitness apparel ever again. Each month your size leggings, and performance accessories are delivered straight to your door. Fabletics will not allow you at the yoga studio without the latest in fun designs, colors and patterns for your namaste! These yoga pants are so comfortable even your couch will love them! Order your yoga pants from the couch!
Subscription box - Fabletics

Men you wouldn’t believe what your missing!

Dollar Shave Club is one of the best delivery services around for the lazy at heart. Bringing you everything you need in your bathroom straight to your doorstep. With a 4.7 out of 5 stars review from consumers, The Dollar Shave Club knows exactly what you need. The price for your personal razors of multiple blade choices can be delivered to you at one set cost each month, with no fees or commitments! This is also a great service to purchase as a gift. The gift package includes a premium grooming set and a 12 month prepaid subscription to the The Dollar Shave Club for that friend that loves great hygiene! Get your premium grooming products delivered today!
Subscription box -Dollarshavestore
If you are a fan of these savings then you can find plenty more at Wonderdealz.com! 

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