The 5 Best Organic yet Affordable Grocery Stores

Whether you’re currently cash-strapped or just a savvy bargain-hunter, you’ve probably experienced sticker-shock when you’ve gone to buy organic food. In fact, on average, organic food costs 47% more than conventionally-grown food. That’s bad news if you’re looking to reap the health and environmental benefits of organics, but luckily for you, cheap organic food is out there–you just have to look a little harder to find it!

You’ll love the bargains and the wide selection of organic food available at these five internationally-known grocery stores.

1. Trader Joe’s

This quirky California-cool chain offers lots of adventurous and globally-imported options for the organic-minded bargain-hunter! Top organic picks at their stores include their vegetarian chili, extra-virgin olive oil, and lunch meats like oven-roasted turkey breast.

Trader Joe’s also offers a newsletter full of recipes and humor in addition to great prices: a great perk for organic eaters who are just beginning to learn to cook, or those who simply want to broaden their repertoire.


Believe it or not, this discount chain offers an excellent selection of organic goods, especially organic snack foods and dry goods like flour and sugar. They’ve recently added many new retail locations, so chances are good you have one right in your backyard!

ALDI also has lots of affordable gluten-free options and is committed to environmentally sustainable practices such as using reusable bags, recyclable materials, and energy-efficient architecture in their stores. Just remember to bring a quarter for your shopping cart deposit! (Don’t worry, you’ll get it back at the end.)

3. Walmart

This big-box giant is one of the number-one places to score cheap organic food both because there are so many locations–including in rural areas that might have few other organic options–and because of its wide selection, which is steadily increasing. Their organic store brand, Wild Oats, offers affordable and tasty organic options for staples like ketchup, applesauce, pasta, and canned goods. They also carry mainstream organic brands like Stonyfield Farms and Annie’s Homegrown.

Walmart also recently introduced Found, an affordable natural beauty, makeup, and skincare brand that might also appeal to savvy organic shoppers.

4. Target

Target isn’t just for great deals on trendy clothes and home goods anymore: in the past 5 years, the big-box retailer has completely redone their grocery section, which includes expanding their organic selection. They introduced their healthy, all-natural Simply Balanced store brand in 2013, which includes a number of popular organic items like blue corn chips and white grape juice. They also carry lots of organic produce, meats, and fish, including free-range and sustainably wild-caught options.

Target is in the process of revamping their stores and corporate culture in order to be more environmentally and socially sustainable. Those issues are important to many organic shoppers, and that might help you feel even better about taking advantage of the company’s great deals!

5. Costco

Wholesale retailer Costco is known for its great prices on everything from winter coats to flatscreen TVs, but you might just save most on their massive variety of organic foods! Organic items that are prohibitively expensive at other stores, like free-range chicken, dairy, and fresh produce, are significantly more affordable at Costco.

You will have to pay a yearly membership fee if you shop at Costco, but organically-minded shoppers have found the fee to be overwhelmingly worth it when they tally up the savings it unlocks. If you’re shopping for a big family, Costco will save you time, too, since their wholesale quantities will keep your family fed longer.

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